Frequently Asked Questions

A Note on Terminology

Throughout this website we generally write in terms of "clubs", "members", "officials" and "administrators", but as myClubhouse can be used for all sorts of organizations, please substitute whatever terms best fit your organization.

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    Your organization e.g. club, school, church, company, society, personal contacts list etc.

    Registered User:

    Anyone stored in your myClubhouse Database, whether they have a current up-to-date subscription or not. Other, non-registered users can access public areas of your Clubhouse site.


    A current user of your club or organization e.g. current paid-up member, pupil, client, customer, colleague, personal contact etc.


    Someone in a position of responsibility in your organization e.g. volunteer helper, member of staff, committee, deacon etc. These users will have elevated access privileges (set by an administrator) when logged-in to the system.


    The people with the top level of responsibilty (normally only one of two per organization). These people can access all user data, set entitlements, administer subscriptions etc. Normally this would be the owner, treasurer, membership secretary etc.

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  • Are the emails sent from the site private?

    Not entirely.

    Any user logged-in who has been granted a security level of "Staff/Official" or above can normally* use the Sent Emails facility to check the contents of emails sent from the website. This includes automatically generated messages, emails sent by Officials from the Send An Email facility, and emails sent member-to-member using the Message Me facility. For security, emails containing usernames or passwords are not displayed.

    * The access levels to each area of the website can be changed by a club administrator using the Entitlements Manager.

    Last Updated: 20/04/2015

  • As anyone can register on the site, does this allow anyone access to the site without committee intervention?

    Yes and no!

    Yes anyone can login, but non-members only have access to their own personal details, and the public areas of the site. No access is given to the Member Directory etc. They can sign up for events only if the event is open to guests. To see what access is given to a non-member, login to the Demo as "former" using the password "pa55word". A person will only be granted member access privileges once he has been confirmed on the site by the Administrator as a bona fide, paid-up club member.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

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    Last Updated: 09/06/2015

  • Can I customize the fonts, colours, logo etc. to match my club's colours?


    To edit your club's site styles and colours, please login as an administrator and click Edit Site Styles and Colours from the Edit Club Settings menu.

    Also, the website header is fully customizable so if you have any additional images (e.g. club logo or sponsors' logos) or text you wish to see there you can upload these by clicking Edit General Club Settings > Site Header from the Edit Club Settings menu.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Can I view the whole database of members?

    Yes - but you must be granted security level access of "Staff/Official" or higher*.

    In the Member Directory, from the Quick Search area select 'X' or from the Advanced Search area click "Show All". If your results table has many pages you can select “All” from the Items Per Page drop-down box to see all members on a single page.

    * Security access levels can be customized using Entitlements Manager.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Can members pay their subs online using Google Checkout/Wallet?

    Not any more.

    Google has decided to discontinue its Google Checkout/Google Wallet application and therefore we have removed this facility from The Clubhouse.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Can members, staff and administrators have different levels of access?


    Administrators can use Entitlements Manager to grant access and permissions for different areas and tasks. The Entitlements Manager is very flexible and access can be set for any combination of Security Levels, Member Lists, Club Roles and Users. Member Lists and Club Roles are fully customizable in themselves and are defined by club administrators.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Can our customers pick up memos, messages or other news from the website?

    We do not currently have a feature for "Latest News" but this is a priority. Currently all messages would have to be sent out by email or added to the Events Calendar or Document Downloads* section.

    * Note: You are welcome to upload html files using Document Manager and these can then be accessed by your users from the Document Downloads section. These files would normally open in the user's web browser, like any other web page.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Can subscriptions be paid online?


    We support PayPal so your members can pay online securely with a credit or debit card (and they don't need to have a PayPal account to do so). You may opt to add a surcharge for online payments to cover the PayPal fees and this will be calculated automatically at the checkout. For online payments, the subscription table is automatically updated and appropriate notifications and receipts are sent.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Can the Registration Questionnaire be changed?


    Use the Questionnaire Manager to create your own Registration Questionnaire with whatever questions you like. All clubs have a Registration Questionnaire which appears at the end of the registration process, so you should have at least one question on yours. All questionnaire answers go into the database and can be analyzed. For simple analysis it is advisable, where possible, to provide a list of possible answers – the Questionnaire Analysis Report can then be run and stats and pie charts produced.

    Last Updated: 08/06/2015

  • Can the system cater for early payment discounts?


    If your organization offers an Early Payment Discount you can enter your Early Payment Discount Deadline on the Club Details page. Administrators can use the Membership Categories Editor to assign different Early Payment Costs to each Membership Category. Subscriptions created before the deadline will automatically default to the discounted price.

    Note: We are planning on expanding the feature to automatically increase costs for those unpaid subscriptions after the deadline but, in the meantime, please contact us and we will gladly run a script to alter the costs for you.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Can the system cater for frozen subscriptions i.e. no increase year on year for members reaching retirement age?


    There is currently no feature for automatically freezing subscriptions. Any membership cost can be modified manually by the administrator(s) before being sent out to the member.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Can the system help with reclaiming GiftAid donations?

    We don't directly support GiftAid, however, any GiftAid donations may be noted in the Payments Manager.

    We recommend using My Donate "The free fundraising service where every penny goes directly to charity" as it is a non-profit service which can help you claim back your GiftAid. You can add a logo/link to your donations page in the header of your Clubhouse site.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Can the system print blank membership forms, registration questionnaires and parental consent forms?


    Please go to Print Registration Forms from the Public Area of The Clubhouse. From here you can print blank Registration Forms, Registration Questionnaires and Parental Consent Forms with all you club's specific questions and return address.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Can the system print completed membership forms, registration questionnaires and parental consent forms?

    No, the system can not print completed "key information" membership forms, but it, can print completed Registration Questionnaires and Parental Consent Forms.

    We aim to make the completed membership forms printable in the future.

    To print completed questionnaires (of any type), please go to Questionnaire Manager > View & Print Questionnaire Answers for Members from the Club Officers' panel. Here you can select your questionnaire from the drop-down box, and your member or members from the Select Members search control. Click Search to view your selected members' questionnaires, then use the check boxes to select which one you want to print and click Printer Friendly Page. A pop-up will open from which you can print.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Can we change the membership categories and costs?

    Yes. Club administrators can add, remove and edit Membership Categories from the site. Login and go to the Club Administration panel, select “Edit Membership Categories”. Click “Membership Category Search Results” for the table of existing categories. To edit each one click the “Edit” link in the table.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Do you have any Clubhouse images or logos we can download to put on our own club's website to link to our Clubhouse site?

    Yes, Clubhouse logos, Clubhouse screenshots, Facebook and Twitter logos are all available for download at http://www.myclubhouse.co.uk/ClientImages/.

    Last Updated:

  • Does my club need to be registered under the Data Protection Act? If so, how much does it cost?

    In most cases you will need to be registered (whether using The Clubhouse or not). You can use this online guide to determine if your club needs to register as a Data Controller.
    Click here to take the ICO Self-Assesment.

    Under the Data Protection Act, your club will be the “Data Controller” and our company, Simmetrics Ltd, will be the “Data Processor” with respect to your members' data. Please see this ICO guide to definitions.

    At time of writing, ICO publishes that for most organizations it costs £35 to register.

    Last Updated: 07/06/2015

  • Does The Clubhouse have a system to organize a tournament?

    No, at the moment there is no tournament software.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Does the Events Calendar need to be restricted only to events?


    You can be creative with Event Manager. E.g. You could also use the Event Manager to report meeting minutes or publish newsletters.

    It can also be used as a tool to help with facilities bookings e.g. for league matches or regular club activities, though it is by no means a complete booking system.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Does the system cater for multi-sports clubs?


    At the moment, The Clubhouse handles multi-sports clubs by setting up different Membership Categories for each of the sports or sport combinations. It is also possible to for a member to select multiple subscriptions e.g. one tennis and one squash, then pay a discounted price a the checkout. As an administrator, you can also set up Club Roles for each sports section and a member may belong to multiple sporting sections. However, members and administrators from different sections are not separated out on the site, therefore anyone with access to the Member Directory would see members from their own and other sections.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Does the system cater for VAT? We require different VAT rates for different categories of membership e.g. 20% for playing members, 0% for social members etc.

    Yes. If your organization is VAT registered you can enter your VAT Registration Number on the Club Details page.
    Administrators can set up VAT Codes and VAT Rates by clicking "Edit VAT Rates" under "Club Settings" in the Administration panel.

    Use the Membership Categories Editor to assign different VAT Rates to each Membership Category.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Does the system handle Family Memberships so that a whole family only receives a single invoice?


    We handle family memberships by offering Group Discounts. Administrators can use Group Discount Manager to set up various Group Discounts which can be applied to particular combinations of subscriptions within a Family Group. Discounts can be applied as a percentage or flat rate. Different members of the same Family Group will be offered their usual category of membership, at full price, then any member of the Family Group can log in to pay online for the whole family. Any applicable discounts will be automatically applied at the checkout. For subscriptions paid manually, the administrator can apply the discount from the Subscription Manager. Each member of the family will receive their own receipt and will have the same membership category as if they had paid full price.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Does the system produce invoices for annual subscription renewal?


    The system automatically produces invoices by email for all membership renewals. If your club operates on an annual season basis, an administrator can renew and invoice the entire club in just a few clicks. For those that don't have an email address on the system (or if you prefer to send by post) there is a Mail Merge facility. This allows you to download a comma separated text file of selected members and their subscription details which can be imported into any number of programs on your computer. E.g. if you have an invoice template saved as a Microsoft Word document, you could use the Mail Merge features of Word together with this data file to import the names, addresses and membership information into the document. It will produce and print one document per member.

    For non-season based clubs, the system can also send out a reminder to an administrator for each subscription that is nearing expiry. In addition, the administrator will get a reminder each time he/she logs in to The Clubhouse.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • How do I change the details (personal details, contact detail, unsubscribe etc.) for individual members?

    You need to have a Club Role with security level "Admin".

    Once logged in you need to go to the Member Admin Menu for the member in question. You can get there either from 'Member Directory' > 'Admin' or from 'Edit Member Details' > 'Edit Member' in the Club Administration panel.

    Once in the Member Admin Menu (it says “Administration Menu for: Joe Bloggs” at the top) you click the link to the details you need to change, then click Save Changes.

    Last Updated:

  • How does the password reminder/password reset token work?

    The Process

    1. User clicks Sign In > Forgotten Your Password.
    2. User enters Forename, Surname and Email into the form and clicks 'Remind Me' button.
    3. User receives email with username and second email with Password Reset Token.
    4. Within 1 hour user clicks link in email to Reset Password Page and enters reset token and new password.
    5. Password is reset successfully, user can now sign in with new password.


    For security, all user passwords are one-way encrypted using the PBKDF2 function with a salted hash.

    Forgotten Details Reminders

    If a user forgets his/her password he can click on Forgotten Details link and submit his Forename, Surname and Email Address. To protect privacy, the system will neither confirm nor deny if the user has an existing account, but instead will send an email confirmation to the address supplied. If no such user exists, the email will explain that the given details were incorrect. If the user was found, two emails will be sent: (1) a username reminder (2) a Password Reset Token, with an expiry of 1 hour.

    Note: The original password will not be sent as it cannot be un-encrypted and we do not reset passwords as it is our security policy not to send passwords in email messages; this also protects users from malicious/nuisance password resetting by third parties.

    Password Reset Tokens

    A reset token is a unique, un-guessable code with a limited lifetime. The code will come in an email with a link to the Reset Password Page. (If the user in question did not request a reset token, he can safely ignore the message in the knowledge that his password has not been compromised.) To reset your password, simply enter the token and new password into the boxes on the Reset Password Page and click Confirm Changes. If successful you will then be able to sign in with your new password.

    What if my Token Has Expired?

    If your token has expired, a message will be displayed informing you so and there will be a link to request a new token.

    Can Administrators Send Password Reset Tokens?

    Yes, club site administrators can send username reminders and password reset tokens from three places (1) Edit Member Details, (2) Member Administration Menu or (3) New Site Launching Tools (see below). In all three cases, the administrator can set the expiry period for the reset token. At no time will the administrator have access to the user's existing password.

    Imported Members for New Sites

    When a club first launches its new Clubhouse site, it may have opted to import existing members into the system in advance. In such cases, existing members will be sent a New Site Introduction Email with their new Username and also a Password Reset Token email. The administrators can compose, test and send these emails from the New Site Launching Tools page. In these cases, administrators would usually set a longer expiry period for reset tokens e.g. 30 days. For any members without an email address, reset tokens can be exported to .csv files for use in mail-merge letters etc.

    Administrator Resets

    If a member is having trouble resetting his username or password, an administrator can do this for him using the Member Administration Menu > Username and Password page, without the need for a reset token.

    Last Updated: 13/04/2014

  • How easy is it to import data into your system (e.g. from an Excel Spreadsheet)?

    There is currently no option to import the data yourself, however we do offer a data migration service.

    If you have an existing customer database in a suitable electronic format, we can import that into the system for you. If you send us a sample of your data, we will quote for the job, based on our hourly rate.

    To minimize the time to us and therefore the cost to you, we have produced an Excel template which can be downloaded from our Customer Zone here. The template includes many columns and three rows of sample data. Most of the columns are optional. There is a comment in each of the column headings explaining the purpose of the column, whether it is mandatory and the correct data format for the column. For clubs that can produce data in this correct format, we will offer a discounted quote for data migration. To give a rough guide to the cost, most clubs with around 200-500 members pay between £50-£100 + VAT. Our absolute minimum price for small clubs offering a well-formatted Excel file is £25 + VAT.

    Although you cannot import data yourself, you can download/export customer details in CSV format (comma separated) files that can be automatically imported into Excel, Outlook etc.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • How flexible are the Member Lists (Email Distribution Lists)?

    Totally flexible!

    In Member List Manager, you can mark a Member List as an Email Distribution List, so that it will be available when you go to Send An Email, but a Member List can be used for all sorts of other purposes too. You can create Member Lists that are static, dynamic, or a mixture of both.

    The static part is a list of members, selected by you, that never changes unless you edit it manually.

    With the dynamic part you can be creative. The lists are created on the fly (by searching the database) each time they are used. E.g. if you create a list of members under the age of 16, the ages of members are checked each time the list is used.

    Also, members can subscribe and unsubscribe at their will.

    Dynamic lists save you from sending out blanket emails which are largely irrelevant to most of the recipients or from the time-consuming process of selecting individual recipients each time.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • How important is it to keep the membership subscription details updated on The Clubhouse?

    Subscription data is vital for the system to keep track of who is a current member, as non-members do not have proper access e.g. they cannot access the Member Directory*. Other important uses are:

    1. Various searches can be done for members based on subscription criteria – useful for email distribution and mail merge lists.
    2. To find out and chase up those who have not renewed their membership.
    3. To find out current membership numbers and total subscription income.
    4. Facility to handle temporary memberships and subsequent extensions.
    5. Allows you to renew all subscriptions just before the start of the new season – note: this creates a new subscription for each member with an unpaid status. The secretary can then automatically send an email to each member with proposed dates and cost of the new membership.
    6. Also sends automatically generated receipts by email.
    7. Can also be used to track membership cards.

    * Access to the Member Directory can now be controlled by your club administrators using the Entitlements Manager.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • How much does The Clubhouse cost?

    It depends on the size of your club and whether your club is not-for-profit, a charity or a commercial organization. Please see our Pricing Page for full details.

    Last Updated: 04/09/2013

  • I am a club administrator and I've received a non-delivery report (bounce) message for some email addresses, what should I do?

    We use SendGrid to send emails and it is very strong on reputation and deliverability. Because of this, to protect the reputation of its mail servers it has some fairly stringent policies.

    What is a Bounce List?

    When your email has not been successfully delivered and the reason reported back to us is that the email was bounced, that email appears on this list.

    Any email on this list will not be delivered to by SendGrid in any future mailings.

    Check your non-delivery report for more detail specific to the bounced email.

    If a message has been bounced, the recipient email address remains on our bounce list and no further emails will be sent to them until we remove the email address from our list.

    Bounce messages will always be sent to the sender address (not the reply-to address), this will be your club's main email address as specified in Club Settings on your Clubhouse site. If you receive any bounce messages (non-delivery reports) to this address please:

    1. Check the email address is correct (look for obvious typos and send a personal message to the recipient asking them to confirm it).
    2. If correct, please contact us to investigate.
    3. If not correct, please correct or delete the email from your system.
    (It still costs us to send messages to incorrect email addresses, even if they are on our bounce list and are therefore not processed by SendGrid.)

    What is a Spam Report?

    If a person who has received your email has reported that received email as spam, SendGrid will be notified by the ISP and will place the email that originated the spam report here.

    Any email on this list will not be delivered to by SendGrid in any future mailings.

    We will notify you if any of your emails were reported as spam. In such cases you should check with the email recipient if they still wish to receive your club's emails and explain to them that marking an email as spam will damage your club's email sending reputation and also automatically remove the recipient from all future mailings. If the recipient still wishes to receive emails from you, we will take them off the Spam List for you. If they do not wish to receive any future mailings, you should delete their email address from your system or mark them as 'Unsubscribed'.
    (It still costs us to send messages to email addresses on our Spam List, even though they will not be processed by SendGrid.)

    Last Updated: 14/04/2014

  • Is there an area where administrators can place documents for our members to download?


    Club Officers can use Document Manager to upload documents of any type, including HTML files, to the site.

    Site visitors can view and download these documents from the Document Downloads page of the Public Area.

    Although this is by no means a full content management system (CMS), it does mean you can make any information available to your visitors.

    Officers can set the visibility for each documents to anything from Public to Administrators Only.

    Officers can also send documents by email as attachments.

    Last Updated: 04/09/2013

  • Is there an option to pay subscription fees by instalments?

    The option to pay by instalments is not currently recorded in the database. With the current system I can suggest three ways to handle payments by instalments:

    1. Enter one subscription per instalment per member, each with dates to cover the period of the instalment so that there is no overlap. Split the cost between them. When the member pays his first instalment, mark the first subscription as paid, when he pays his next instalment, mark that one as paid also etc.
    2. Enter only one subscription per member with dates to cover the whole period. Mark the cost as the value of the first instalment, when paid, mark it as paid. When the next instalment is paid, change the cost value to the total cost paid so far for both instalments and so on for each subsequent instalment within the period.
    3. Just put in one subscription for the whole period and enter the whole cost. When the first instalment is paid, mark the subscription as paid. You will need to keep a separate record of which members owe further instalments.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Should I ever delete a subscription?

    As a general rule NO! You should never delete a subscription that has been paid for.
    You may delete unpaid subscriptions that have now become irrelevant. But you may wish to keep them in case you ever hear from that member again.
    Never delete a subscription that has been paid for unless it was a duplicate or some sort of mistake. All paid subscriptions, even if they have expired, make up very useful information for your club. Subscription history is used to monitor membership levels over past years and can be broken down by many factors including Membership Category and Cost.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • Shouldn’t the Parental Consent Forms require a hard copy signature? If so, what is the point of having them on the database?

    Each club will individually decide the purpose of its Parental Consent Form. Club Administrators can set the questions for the form using the Questionnaire Manager. Some clubs use it to gather emergency information and consent for activities or medical procedures from the parent. In the case of consent, a hard-copy signature would be advisable. This is why Officials can print off the List of Parental Consent Forms and get the parent to sign it when the child first visits the club. It is also advisable to keep a hard copy of all forms on the premises whenever a junior session takes place for emergency information. It can be useful to have the forms on the database because (a) the parents can check that the information is up-to-date (b) you have a backup copy that can be accessed quickly in an emergency. Parents should be reminded regularly to update the forms and inform the club of any changes. Note: Please check whether your club needs to be registered under the Data Protection Act, click here to take the ICO Self-Assesment.

    Last Updated: 12/09/2013

  • The Apply for a New Subscription page seems to allow members to choose their own start and end dates but our club only allows fixed season dates. How can this be prevented?

    This is only an application for membership. It is to let the secretary know that someone (usually a former member) is interested in re-joining. The dates and cost can be changed by the secretary or the treasurer before an offer of membership is made to the “member”.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • We run a part-time theatre school for children – around 300 kids per week paying termly fees, and also we run holiday courses – again around 300 per summer paying fees per week. Would the system be able to bill/remind by email?


    You can set up subscriptions for each customer to run for a fixed time period e.g. one term or one week. The system allows you to send automatic subscription reminders/invoices and receipts by email.

    The Clubhouse will automatically send a notice to administrators when there are subscriptions shortly due to expire. This allows the administrators to create (unpaid) subscription renewals and send email invoices to customers. This process is semi-automated i.e. it can be done en masse with just a few clicks from the administrator.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • What about Data Protection and security?

    Full details of our data protection practices are set out in our Privacy Policy. As a user of The Clubhouse, you would also need to adhere to this policy. You would have a Clubhouse Privacy Policy on your own site, which references our main Privacy Policy. Please see an example here on the Demo site.

    As a user of The Clubhouse, under the Data Protection Act, your club will be the “Data Controller” for your members, and our company, Simmetrics Ltd, will be the “Data Processor”. Please see this ICO guide to definitions.

    In most cases, your club should be registered as a Data Controller (whether using The Clubhouse or not). You can use this online guide to determine if you need to register.
    Click here to take the ICO Self-Assesment.

    At time of writing, ICO publishes that for most organizations it costs £35 to register.

    Regarding security, your data will be held on its own SQL Server database on our server. All clubs are on a separate database, but on the same server, so no chance of accidentally accessing the data of another club. We have invested in our own VDS (virtual machine) for hosting, so there are no other companies using our SQL Server machine.

    All data is password protected and accessed via SSL. You can verify this on The Clubhouse (Demo) by checking that the address bar shows https:// and not http:// and there will usually be a symbol on your web browser, e.g. a padlock, to verify that the data is encrypted. This means it cannot be intercepted by a third party during upload/download. If you attempt to access personal data without using SSL i.e. by typing http:// into the address bar, The Clubhouse will automatically redirect you to https://. This applies to any page displaying personal information.

    Out host, who owns the servers is Tsohost and they have their own stringent security measures (see Security, Firewalls and DDOS Protection on their website – ours is a VDS system).

    It is worth noting that the most sensitive information collected on The Clubhouse is names, addresses and DOB (and the latter two can be made optional). We do not hold any payment details e.g. credit card information. All payment details are handled by PayPal and they have their own security measures.

    Access to personal contact details through the Member Directory is made on a permission only basis.

    Simmetrics Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner, our data protection registration number is ZA018588.

    Last Updated: 17/09/2013

  • What are the advantages of the Past Events calendar.

    Event reports, with photos, are available in the public area of The Clubhouse. As well as being fun and interesting to existing members, this has been found to be useful in attracting new members looking for a club with a thriving social scene or stong participation in competitions. Anyone in with Staff/Official level acceess can upload photos, then associate them with an event.

    Last Updated: 05/09/2013

  • What is the difference between Add New Member in the Club Officials section and Register Another Person in the Tasks section?

    The main difference between the two is that Register Another Person defaults to the address and family group of the person adding it (assumes it is likely to be a family member) whereas Add New Member is for Officials to add members who have no internet access or who are unwilling to use it. Another difference is that using Register Another Person requires the user to nominate a password, but on using Add New Member as secret password will be generated automatically and can be sent to the user by email.

    Last Updated: 05/09/2013

  • What is the difference between Email Distribution Lists and Member Lists?

    An Email Distribution List is just a Member List with a flag set so it will appear in the Send An Email facility. Those Member Lists not flagged will not show up here. There is no difference between the lists themselves or the way they are created.

    Any list, whether flagged or not, may be downloaded and saved on your computer as a comma separated file (*.csv). This file can be opened in many programs such as Excel or Outlook Contacts. Currently the file contains a member’s contact details, latest membership category and latest membership end date. This file can be used to add names and addresses to letters or envelopes created in Word or similar programs; useful when you need to use snail mail! You may also find there are some occasions when you need to send letters to members who have not provided an email address, use the Mail Merge Manager to create a list of members with no email address, then download the csv file and use it to send out your letters.

    Last Updated: 05/09/2013

  • What is the purpose of the League Matches & Results page?

    There are two main purposes:

    1. To help team captains to recruit and organize teams for match fixtures.
    2. To report results to members and public.

    Team captains can put all their fixtures on the system and use the Team Selector to email the squad. The squad can then click a link to mark themselves as available or not.

    Following each match, the captain can update the results.

    Last Updated: 05/09/2013

  • What is the purpose of the List of Parental Consent Forms?

    Allows a list of selected forms to be printed, each on a separate page in black and white. Printed forms may be stored at the premesis and a parental signature may then be obtained if deemed necessary.

    Last Updated: 01/09/2013

  • What payment methods can my club accept through myClubhouse?

    myClubhouse will allow you to set up instructions for your members to pay for membership subscriptions or events via any of these payment methods:

    • PayPal (member does not require a PayPal account)

    • Bank Transfer (FPS/BACS/CHAPS)

    • Standing Order

    • Cheque

    • Cash

    • Direct Debit

    Of these, the only payment method which is fully automated through myClubhouse is PayPal (i.e. PayPal will communicate with myClubhouse when payment has been made and myClubhouse will mark orders as paid/refunded and process them automatically).

    Payments coming in via other (non-PayPal) methods must be manually reconciled by an administrator (i.e. a club administrator must match payments in bank statements to items in myClubhouse and mark them as paid in the system). myClubhouse provides users with reference numbers for payments to make manual reconciliation as simple as possible.

    Last Updated: 11/11/2015

  • What type of emails can I send using Send An Email?

    Anyone with Staff/Official* level access or above has the power to use the Send An Email facility!

    Emails can be sent in HTML format with attachments if necessary. The emails can be sent to any combination of email distribution lists in the database and individual email addresses can also be added or removed manually.

    Your members have the option to unsubscribe from Email Distribution Lists but will still receive emails specific to them.

    * Send an Email permissions can now be configured using Entitlements Manager, but Staff/Official level is the default.

    Last Updated: 05/09/2013

  • Why is it necessary to include the option to unsubscribe from email distribution lists? Surely the fact that a member has provided his email address can be taken as subscribing?

    As the database holds the full history of members, whether current or former, it is possible (and can be very useful) to create an email distribution list that includes former members. The distribution lists are dynamic and therefore always up-to-date. E.g. On the first day of the new season, a list of “Current Adult Members” will, no doubt, be reduced to the small number who have renewed on time!

    Provision of email address does not equal subscribing, because a member may provide his email address and wish to receive personal messages (e.g. receipt of payment messages) but may not wish to be bothered with general emails sent to the whole club, so he may unsubscribe.

    A former member may unsubscribe and therefore no longer receive emails of club news etc. some former members like to be kept in the loop – especially if they still wish to attend social events or are looking to re-join the club after recovering from an injury or illness.

    By default, all members are subscribed to the lists unless they specifically unsubscribe.

    Last Updated: 05/09/2013

  • x


    Last Updated: 09/06/2015

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