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Latest New Features

Please click the date links to download release notes in PDF format. You can also browse our Document Downloads in the Customer Zone by clicking here .

  • Online payments for Club Events - July 2012
  • Event confirmation emails (more specific) - July 2012
  • Event invoice emails (send invoices manually or automated) - July 2012
  • Family Group and Address Matching Improvements - May 2012
  • International Tax Settings (set up the sales tax name and codes for your country) - May 2012
  • Member List Manager -Search on Multiple Membership Categories and Current Subscription Status - February 2012
  • Automatically create Member Lists based on Membership Categories - February 2012
  • Subscription Renewal Reminders and Alerts for administrators - February 2012
  • Expiring Subscriptions Page for administrators - February 2012
  • Extra Security Settings for viewing and editing Questionnaire Answers - February 2012
  • Register as Non-Member (e.g. for parents or email list only) - October 2011
  • HTML Editor for Emails - September 2011
  • Resend Failed Emails - September 2011
  • Scroll through sent emails - September 2011
  • New Club Role Manager (replaced old system) - September 2011
  • Upcoming Match Fixtures - September 2011
  • Upgrade to Windows Server 2008/IIS7 Hosting Server - September 2011
  • Upgrade to SendGrid Mail Server - September 2011
  • Search for Members Based on Age - June 2011
  • Set Accepted Subscription Payment Methods - June 2011
  • Fixed Season Now Optional - June 2011
  • Control Access to Member Directory - June 2011
  • Facebook and Twitter Plug-ins - May 2011
  • Questionnaire Updates, Admin Only Questionniares, View & Print Completed Questionnaires (with member group selector) - May 2011
  • Parent Registration. Parents can register separately and link to their children. Distribution Lists can include parents for contact purposes - May 2011
  • My Events, members can see which events they have signed up for - May 2011
  • Self-Customize Site Styles and Colours, Header Logos, Images and Website URLs - February 2011
  • New Closing Date for Signing Up to Events. Enforced on the sign-up page and displayed on the calendar, emails etc. Simpler signing-up process - June 2010
  • Surcharges to cover PayPal fees - automatically calculated at checkout - June 2010
  • Member Admin - now quicker and easier to edit your members' details - June 2010
  •  Group Discounts. Set up discounts based on Family Groups. Let the system calculate the discount - March 2010
  • Membership Rates & Discounts Page - automatically generated in the public area, based on your club's Membership Categories and Group Discounts - March 2010
  • Quick Search Box - on Member Directory and other searchable pages, in addition to Advanced Search - March 2010
  • Printable Registration Forms - September 2009
  • Message Me! Send messages to other members without knowing their email address - August 2009
  • Send An Email Recipient Excluder - exclude certain recipients from your message - August 2009

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Member Features


  • Register for membership facility
  • Member Log-in
  • Member username and password updating
  • Member personal details updating (option to share/hide)
  • My Photo (upload a photo of yourself for the member directory)
  • Member subscription details
  • Questionnaire completion and updating (includes Parental Consent Forms for junior members)
  • Email subscription options (subscribe or unsubscribe to email distribution lists)

Club Information

  • Membership Rates & Group Discounts
  • Member Directory (can only be accessed by paid-up members)
  • Message Me! Send an email to another member (can only be accessed by paid-up members)
  • Forthcoming Events (option to sign-up)
  • Past Events and Gallery
  • My Events (future events I have signed up for)
  • League Matches and Results
  • My Forthcoming Matches
  • Document Downloads


  • Register another person (e.g. new friend/family member. Automatically fills in address details)
  • Apply for a New Subscription (for yourself)
  • Print Registration Forms

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Features for Staff & Officials

  • Add new member (add a member who is unable to register himself)
  • Event Manager
  • Image Manager
  • List of parental consent forms
  • Questionnaire Manager
  • Member Mugshot Manager
  • Email Distribution List Manager
  • Send an Email
  • Sent Emails
  • Mail Merge Manager
  • Member Directory (unhidden access)
  • League/Team Manager
  • Document Manager

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Administration Features

Club Administration Features

  • Subscription Management
  • Edit Member Details
  • Order Management
  • Payment Management
  • Auto-generated Email Editor
  • New Site Launching Tools

Club Self-Customization Features

  • Edit Club Settings
  • Edit Club Roles (with security access levels)
  • Edit VAT Rates
  • Edit Event Types
  • Edit Membership Categories
  • Edit Membership Start Times
  • Edit Group Discounts

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General Features

  • Automatic email notification
  • Password reminder facility

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Features - In Depth

For a more in-depth look at some of our features, we recommend you search our Help section. This section gives more detail on each page of a myClubhouse site. You can also explore a typical myClubhouse site by accessing our Online Sandbox. If you can't find the feature you are looking for, please contact us, as we may have added it recently, or it could be in the pipeline.

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Yes! There are two ways:

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