Edit Document Categories

As a club official, you may set up an unlimited number of document categories. Document categories are used to filter the documents in the Document Downloads search page.

Select Document Manager from the Club Officials panel on the Welcome Page Menu: the Document Management page appears. Then select Document Categories from the link in the top right title bar or bottom left of the page: the Document Categories Management page appears.

The Document Categories Management page displays a Document Categories Table and an Editor. These are not displayed at the same time and the Table is displayed by default. Two links appear at the top of the page: Document Categories Table and Add New Document Categories.

Document Categories Table

The Document Categories table displays all the Document Categories and has the following columns: ID, Name, Hierarchy Name, Duration (weeks), Edit button, Delete. All bar the Edit and Delete columns are sortable. Click the column heading once to sort in ascending order, and again to sort in descending order.


A number automatically assigned by the database to uniquely identify the Document Category.


The name of the Document Category.

Hierarchy Name

Document Categories can be sub-categories of other Document Categories. This column displays the full hierarchy of Document Categories from the root category down to the one in question. Each category level is separated by a forward slash ("/").

Edit button

Use the Edit button to modify a document category. The details appear in the Editor (see below).


If you wish to delete any documents from the site, first select them in the Delete column, then click the Delete Selected link just above the table on the right hand side. You can select/deselect all documents at once by clicking the checkbox in the column header. When you click Delete Selected the document details will be deleted from the database and the file will be deleted from the site.

Add New Document Categories link

The Add New Document Categories link button will open the Editor for a new Document Category to be defined.


In the editor you can set the Name, Parent Document Category and Description. For the Parent Document Category, leave as None for root categories or select the category immediately above the current category in the hierarchy. The Description should explain clearly what type of documents are to be included in this category.

Use Save to save changes and close the Editor, Clear to clear the Editor and start afresh and Cancel to discard changes and close the Editor.

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