Group Discounts


Group Discounts are now available for subscriptions. Administrators may define the Group Discounts that are available as a flat rate cost or a percentage discount. Group Discounts can be applied to members in the same Family Group. Members can specify their Family Group upon registration, or ask an administrator to place them in a certain Family Group at a later time. It is up to the administrators as to whether Family Groups should be allowed to apply to members not living in the same household

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Defining Family Groups (admin only)

Administrators select Edit Family Groups from the Club Administration panel on the Welcome Page Menu. The Family Group Manager appears. By default the results table is displayed with a Quick Search box above. The Results table displays all the Family Groups including their Unique ID, Name (also unique), a list of Members, an Edit link and a Delete column. There is also a link at the top of the page to Add New Family Group.

Add or Edit Family Groups (Family Group Selector)

Click the Add New Family Group link at the top of the Family Group Manager page or select an existing Family Group from the table and click on the Edit link. The Family Group Selector page appears. This consists of two panels: the top panel displays the current family group and its members; the bottom panel displays all the remaining members for selection. In the top panel administrators can

  • Change the Name of the Family Group. The name must be unique so with common family names it is recommended you use some fact to distinguish the group e.g. use The Smiths at No. 12 rather than The Smith Family.
  • Remove Members from the Family Group. Either click the Remove link in the far right column or use the Select column and click the Remove Selected link at the top right of the table.

From the bottom panel administrators can

  • Add members to the Family Group . Either by clicking the Add link in the far right column or by using the Select column and clicking the Add Selected To Family Group link at the top right of the table. The Quick Search and Advanced Search allow users to quickly find the members they want to add.

The table in the bottom panel displays each members existing Family Group Name and ID. If a member with an existing Family Group is selected, he/she will be removed from his/her previous Family Group as a member can only belong to one Family Group.

Deleting Family Groups (Family Group Manager)

A Family Group can be deleted from the Family Group Manager only if the group has no members. Click Edit to remove all members from the group (using Family Group Selector). Back in the Family Group Manager, select the checkbox in the Delete column and click the Delete Selected link from the top right of the table.

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Defining Groups Discounts (admin only)

Administrators must define the rules for Group Discounts so that myClubhouse can automatically work out which discounts are valid for each Family Group. To do this select Edit Group Discounts from the Edit Club Settings section of the Club Administration panel on the main menu. The Group Discount Manager appears and by default displays a table of existing Group Discounts.

Add or Edit Group Discounts

Click the Add New Group Discount link at the top of the Group Discount Manager page or select an existing Group Discount from the table and click on the Edit link. The editor page appears where you define the rules for your discount including which subscriptions are valid and calculation rules.

ID: This is a unique number assigned by the database used to identify the discount. It cannot be edited.

Group Discount Name: Give your discount a short but meaningful name this will appear on the Membership Rates & Discount page and against any subscriptions, invoices, receipt emails etc.

Description: Describe the discount for members to understand. Explain who it applies to and how much it is worth e.g. 10% off for 2 or more co-habiting Full Members or 2 adults and up to 4 child members in the same household - 425.

Minimum Number of Members: Enter the minimum total number of members to qualify for the discount (regardless of membership category). You must enter a number greater than or equal to 1.

Maximum Number of Members: Enter the maximum total number of members to qualify for the discount (regardless of membership category). If there is no maximum you must leave this field blank.

Minimum/Maximum Number ofAdultMembers: Optional. You can define the rules further by specifying the minimum and maximum number of adult members to qualify for the discount.*

Minimum/Maximum Number ofChildMembers: Optional. You can define the rules further by specifying the minimum and maximum number of child members to qualify for the discount.*

Qualifying Membership Categories: Optional. You can define the rules further by specifying the Membership Categories which are valid for this discount. E.g. Your discount may require at least 2 adult members but you can specify here that only Full Members and Students qualify and not Midweek, Honorary or Non-Playing members.

Discount Calculation: You may specify your discount as a Percentage or Flat Rate.

Percentage: specify the amount to take off as a percentage. E.g. if you enter 10 then 10% will be taken off the total cost of all qualifying subscriptions. All discounts are applied before VAT where applicable.

  • Flat Rate: specify the total amount to charge the whole group (not per person). E.g. if you enter 425 then the total cost of all qualifying subscriptions will be 425, regardless of the original cost of the subscriptions. Flat Rate is the total cost excluding VAT where applicable. Any VAT will be calculated proportionally according to the rate and cost of each qualifying subscription.

  • Discount Obsolete:Old discounts should be marked as obsolete and will not appear on the Membership Rates & Discounts page and will no longer be offered to members. They can only be deleted if they have never been used before.

Save: Click Save and return to the table of Group Discounts.

* The age at which a member is deemed an adult/junior is set by your club in the Edit Club Settings page under Maximum Age for Juniors.

Search for Group Discounts

If there are a lot of Group Discounts in your table you may want to do a search to quickly find the Group Discount you are looking for. Click the Search for Group Discounts link at the top of the Group Discount Manager page to be taken to the search page. Here you can specify text from the Name, Description or exact ID, the type of calculation and whether to include current or obsolete Group Discounts. Click Search to be taken back to the Results table.

Group Discount Table

This displays all the vital facts about a discount. Use this table to select a discount for edit or delete. Only unused discounts may be deleted, otherwise mark as obsolete instead.

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Paying Online for Subscriptions using a Family Discount (members)

(See also Paying Online - The Member Experience)

A member may purchase any pending subscriptions for himself or members of his Family Group. From the Welcome Page Menu, click on Buy Family Group Subscriptions under the My Membership Subscription Details section of the Your Details & Settings panel. The following page appears.

Buy Subscriptions for My Family Group

This page displays

  • Your Family Group name and list of members (for information only)
  • A table of all Pending Subscriptions available for purchase for members of your Family Group and
  • A table of Group Discounts (for information only).

Use the Select column in the table to mark the subscriptions you wish to purchase then click Next > to proceed to the next step.

N.B. If you dont see the subscriptions you require click on the link Not seeing the subscriptions you expected? for further help and explanation.

Apply Group Discount

This page displays

  • Your Family Group name and list of members (for information only)
  • A table of all subscriptions you selected to purchase including any Group Discounts applied
  • A table of Applicable Group Discounts and the amount you would save.

The table of Applicable Group Discounts shows all Group Discounts available and automatically displays the subscriptions to which they should be applied in order to save you the most money. Select the discount you would like to apply from the left-hand column, then click Next >.

If any further discounts are applicable, you will automatically be returned to make further selections after you click Next >.

If you change your mind after applying a discount, you may select the subscriptions from the table and click the link above to Remove Discount from Selected. The discount will be removed from all subscriptions to which it applies. You will then be able to select another discount from the bottom table. If you do not wish to select any of the available discounts, select No Discount and click Next >.

After clicking Next >, you will be taken to the Shopping Basket.

Shopping Basket

Here you can check the items and quantities in your basket. You can select and remove items and update your basket. Note: if you remove a subscription, any applicable discount or joining fee will automatically be removed at the same time.  You can click Cancel Order to discard the entire Shopping Basket and return to the Welcome Page Menu. When happy with your basket, click on the Checkout button.

Review and Submit Your Order

This page is a final summary before you commit to buy. It displays the total value of your entire order minus any surcharges. Surcharges may be applied by the club to cover the cost of third-party transaction fees and so depend on your method of payment. If you are happy with your order, click on the third-party transaction provider you wish to use e.g. PayPal. You may also cancel the entire order by clicking the Cancel Order button.

Third Party Transaction Provider

You will now be taken away from myClubhouse to your selected third-party transaction provider e.g. PayPal. Here you can make your secure online payment and then return to myClubhouse.

Thanks for Your Order

When payment is completed you will be returned to myClubhouse order confirmation page and will be given your Order Number. You will also receive confirmation emails. Sometimes third party providers take a while to confirm your payment but as the person that placed the order you will receive status update emails. When payment has been confirmed, receipts will be sent to all family members for their individual subscriptions.

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Receiving Manual Payments for Subscriptions with Group Discounts (admin only)

Administrators will likely receive manual payments (e.g. by cash or cheque) for many of their subscriptions. You will wish to mark these subscriptions as Paid in the system. For individual subscriptions you need only go to the Pending Subscriptions table and mark them as Paid. However, in order to record Manual Group Discounts in the system you will need to create an order.

Select Your Family Group

There are two ways to begin this process:

Method 1

Select Subscription Management from the Club Administration panel. From the Subscription Management page select Receive Manual Payments including Family Group Discounts.

Receive Manual Payments for Family Group Subscriptions
Use this page to select any individual from the family group. Then click Next >.

Method 2

Select Edit Member Details from the Club Administration panel. Bring up the Administration Menu for your chosen member and click 'Receive Subscription Payments for Member and Family Group'.

Apply Group Discounts for Family Group

This page works in exactly the same way as the Buy Subscriptions for My Family Group page for members except the administrator is doing it on the members behalf and recording what has already been bought, rather than what he would like to buy. Select subscriptions and click Next >.

Apply Group Discounts for Family Group

This page works in exactly the same way as the Apply Group Discounts page for members. Select the discounts already applied and click Next >.

Received Payments Admin

This is like the Shopping Basket for members. Remove anything you dont want and change quantities where applicable. Click Proceed to Confirmation Page ....

Confirm Received Payments

Like the Checkout page for members, this displays a summary. You must select the payment method that was used from the drop-down list box, then enter a payment reference. The payment reference can be anything that enables you to track the payment e.g. the cheque number or the reference given for a BACS transaction. Click Confirm to record the order and mark the subscriptions as paid.

Thanks for Your Order

This page confirms your order number and also confirms which emails have been sent successfully. You and the customers will all receive appropriate confirmation and receipt emails.

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Can I Try Before I Buy?

Yes! There are two ways:

Try our online sandbox

A fully-functional version of myClubhouse with fictitious data for a club named Sandbox Club.

Free Trial Offer

Register your interest and then complete a Free Trial Application Form for your club. We will personally set you up with your own fully-functional copy of myClubhouse and if you have an existing membership database, we can convert it to our secure SQL Server database system for a small fee.