Send An Email

The Send an Email wizard allows organization officials to send emails from the website. All distribution lists and member email addresses are available from the database. There is also the option to send attachments or to send from your own email client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook).

Note: Emails sent via the website are not private. A copy of every email is held on the database and this can be accessed by the organization officials via the Sent Emails table. Emails sent using "Simple" options are all copied to the default organization email address which is normally handled by the Organization Secretary.

The wizard takes you through 6 steps; which steps you see will depend on the options you choose.

  • Step 1 - Simple or Advanced?
  • Step 2 - Recipient Selector
  • Step 3 - Excluded Recipient Selector
  • Step 4 - Edit Email Recipients (advanced)
  • Step 5 - Are you sure?
  • Step 6 - Attachments (advanced)
  • Step 7 - Your Message & Send

Step 1 - Simple or Advanced?

The first step is to choose whether you wish to see simple or advanced options. The idea is that less confident users can choose the simple options and not be overwhelmed by the choices. Any user that is unsure what recipient fields to use should select simple options.

The differences:

  Simple Advanced
Recipient Selector Yes Yes
Excluded Recipient Selector N/A Yes
Edit Email Recipient Addresses N/A Yes
Attachments N/A Yes
Your Message Subject and Message Body fields available Hyperlink panel also available

Step 2 - Recipient Selector

Having selected simple or advanced options, all users are taken to the Recipient Selector.

The user is presented with two list boxes on the left-hand side. The upper box is a list of email distribution lists, the lower box is a list of individual members. Both boxes allow you to select multiple rows at once using Ctrl+click and transfer to the selected recipient boxes on the right-hand side using the buttons provided.

The Individuals' section also features a Search box to quickly find the people you want or reduce the length of the list. Enter all or part of the name or email address in the box then click 'Go >' to run the search. Click 'X' to cancel the search.

You need not worry about some members or email addresses being selected more than once; all duplicates are removed when the email is sent.

Please be aware that any members that have opted not to be included in Email Distribution Lists will not receive the email unless you select them as individuals from the lower left-hand list box. Only select individuals if the message specifically applies to them.

A separate email is sent to each recipient so no need to worry about a long list of recipients appearing in your email's To field.

Use the "To ->" button to transfer your selections to the right-hand side and "<- Remove" to remove any selections back to the left.

Step 3 - Excluded Recipient Selector (advanced)

If you have selected Advanced options you will be taken to the Excluded Recipient Selector. This works in exactly the same way as the Recipient Selector however the email addresses of everyone selected here will be excluded from the final email recipient list. You may wish to use this if you are planning a surprise for one of your members!

Step 4 - Edit Email Recipients (advanced)

Here you can edit the From and To and Exclude message header fields. The recipients you selected in Step 2 will now appear in the To box and those from Step 3 in the Exclude box. The Exclude box overrides anything in the To box so it saves you having to search the To box for email addresses to delete.

Recipient addresses can be modified by hand, using a semi-colon for the separator. These fields show you exactly which email addresses you will be sending to. You can enter any address you wish, even addresses for non-members of the organization.

From: Normally emails are sent from your organization's default email address, but with your own name displayed. The Reply-To email address will be your own. This means any sending failure messages will go to the organization's default address but if someone replies to your email it will come to you. You may change this to make the message appear to have come from another organization member or address, please use this responsibly.

To: If you leave all recipient fields blank the email message will go to only the organization's default email address and no one else! If you are using the Sandbox version, the email will also be copied to the webmaster.

Step 5 - Are you sure?

If you have left all recipient fields blank you will receive a warning. The message will only be sent to either yourself or (if you deleted your own email address in Step 4) the organization's default email address. If you are using the Sandbox version, the email will also be copied to the webmaster. If this is what you intended click "Next" otherwise click "Back" to return to Step 2 or Step 4 as appropriate and make your selection.

Step 6 - Attachments (advanced)

This step appears if you chose the advanced options. If you do not wish to add any attachments to your email, simply click "Next".

Use the File Uploader to select files for attaching.

To attach your files do the following:

1. Click the Browse button, a "Choose File" window will appear. Here you browse for the file on your computer. You are only allowed to select one file, click "Open". The window closes and the path to your file appears in the Browse textbox. Alternatively you could type the path to your file in the Browse textbox.

2. Click the "Add" button to add the file to the "Files to be attached " list below. You must click the "Add" button because only files in the list below will be attached to the email. The purpose of the list is to allow you to attach more than one file at once.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each file you wish to attach. The full list of files to be attached will appear in the in the "Files to be attached" listbox. You can select a file and click "Remove" to remove it from the list if you wish.

4. Filename - The files you attach are temporarily copied to a location on the website server. In the case that there is already a file with the same name on the website you must choose whether to

  1. replace the existing file with this one
  2. allow the computer to create a unique filename for the file to be attached (e.g. change myImage.jpg to myImage_1.jpg). This is the safest option.
  3. skip the file and not attach it.

5. Click the "Next" button.

Step 7 - Your Message & Send


: You must enter a subject for your message.

Message Body:

Put your main message here. You must not leave this field blank.

Hyperlink (advanced):

If you have selected advanced options an Advanced box will be visible. If you wish to send your message using your own email program (e.g. Microsoft Outlook), there is a button to create a hyperlink. When you click the "Hyperlink" button a mailto: type hyperlink appears, click this link and an email message will open with the recipients, subject and message body completed. You can now modify your message in any way you please and send it from your local computer.


  • The hyperlink cannot include your attachments.
  • The hyperlink can only work for a limited number of recipients. If it does not work, try going back to the Recipients page and copy and pasting addresses into your own email.

Clear Form:

Click in this button to wipe the form clean so you can start your message again.

Send Email:

Click this button when you are ready to send the message (assuming you did not use the hyperlink instead).

A separate email will be sent to each recipient email address. When the emails have finished sending you will receive a message telling you how many recipients were successful and if any failed. If there were failures you will have the option to try those ones again.

All emails sent will appear in the Sent Emails table where club officials can examine all the details, including a list of any email recipient addresses which may have failed.

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