Match Details

Users can access this page by clicking on League Matches & Results in the Public Area of the Welcome Page Menu and then by clicking on the Details link next to any match displayed. Users must login to access this page but it is available logged-in non-current members. This page is also accessible from the My Forthcoming Matches page.


This page displays all the details for a particular match or fixture. The details can be displayed before or after the match date. This section is for information only and details are as follows:

  • Team name, Season, Division and Captain(s).
  • Opposition - the name of the opposing team.
  • Date - the fixture date.
  • Location - home, away or neutral.
  • Meet Instructions - where and when to meet.
  • Additional Notes - any other notes from the captain e.g. which kit to bring.
  • Players - If the team selector was not used the captain can list the players here.
  • Score - Once the captain has recorded the result it will be displayed here.
  • Result - either no result yet, win, loss or draw.

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Selected Players for Match

If the captain has used the Team Selector Tool then the selected players will be displayed in a table. The table columns are:

  • Name - name of selected player.
  • Gender - gender of selected player.
  • Notified? - Symbol indicating if the captain has notified this player of the match my email. A green tick is Notified, a red cross indicates Not Notified yet.
  • Confirmed? - Displays a symbol indicating if the player has confirmed availability for this match. A blue question mark symbol indicates the player has not yet responded. A green tick indicates the player has confirmed availability. A red cross indicates the player is not available for this match. If you are logged in and selected for this match then the symbols next to your name will be clickable; click on the symbol to toggle through Unconfirmed --> Confirmed --> Unavailable etc. The team captain(s) will be notified of your status by email.

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