Message Me!

The Message Me! facility allows paid-up club members to contact other members by email, even if the recipient has not chosen to share his email address. The sender can send a message to one member at a time but will not see the email address of the recipient. If the sender has a registered email address, it will be passed on to the recipient. Any replies from the recipient will go directly to the sender's email address by default.

Emails sent via Message Me! are not entirely private. A copy of each message is stored in the database and can be accessed by club officials only via the Sent Emails table. This allows the club officials to monitor and verify any complaints from members about possible abuse of the system.

Access to Message Me!

Message Me can be accessed directly from the Member Directory results table by clicking the icon in the Message Me! column:

Access Message Me! from the Member Directory
The Message Me! icon will not appear for members with no registered email address.

It can also be accessed from the Member Details page (Member Directory > View > Message Me):

Access Message Me! from the Member Details Page
Click the Message Me! icon or link at the bottom of the Member Details page.

Message Me! Format

The Message Me! form appears as a pop-up:

Message Me! appears as a pop-up

The sender will not see any contact details for the recipient. The sender's registered email address will be included with the message. The sender can opt to include other contact details and to receive a copy of the message. The message sent will come from the club's default email address with the subject in the format: "Message from Club Member: Jane Doe" etc.

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