Orders List and Order Details Page

Registered users may view their history of Online Orders in the Order List page. Currently only membership subscriptions can be ordered online but myClubhouse is geared toward extending this.

To find the Orders List page login and click on My Orders underneath My Member Subscription Details in the Your Details panel of the Welcome Page Menu.

The page consists of two panels; Search for Orders and an Orders List Table. The panels are not displayed at the same time and the Search panel is displayed by default.

Order Details Page - the Orders List Table contains links to the Order Details Page for each order.

Search for Orders

Use the search panel to find the order(s) you are interested in.

Search Orders for

- enter any text to identify the order. The search will examine Order ID, Third Party Transaction ID and Customer Name for results.

Payment Status

- Select the appropriate payment status e.g. "Completed" or "Pending". These payment statuses are updated automatically by the third party transaction provider, e.g. PayPal, as they process your payment. They are usually updated within minutes.

Paid Status

- Yes or No, indicates if you have paid for the order yet. Orders will display No until the third party transaction provider confirms that payment has been processed successfully. This happens automatically and payments will normally be completed within minutes of your placing them.

Dispatched Status

- Displays whether the club has dispatched your order. Only applies to tangible orders though the club could use it to track membership cards in the case of membership subscriptions.

Order Date

-Enter the earliest and latest order dates you are interested in. Use your county's standard date format e.g. dd/mm/yyyy. Leave either date blank for an open-ended date range.

Order Total

- Enter the lowest and greatest amounts you are interested in. Remember to include any shipping and VAT costs. Leave either field blank for an open-ended Total range.

Click Search to run the search and return the results on the Orders List Table or Show All to ignore the search criteria and return all your orders.

Orders List Table

Your online orders will be displayed in a table with the following columns:

Order ID

- A unique number to identify your order.

Order Date

- The date the order was placed online.

Order Total including Shipping

- Total cost of the order placed including any shipping charges. Does not include VAT or tax where applicable.

Payment Status

- field automatically updated by the third party transaction provider e.g. PayPal.


- Displays a tick for orders that have been confirmed as paid by the third party transaction provider. Blank for those not yet confirmed.


- Displays a tick for dispatched orders. Only applies to tangible orders or software etc. though could be used for membership cards and welcome packs etc. in the case of membership subscriptions.

Show Details

- This is a link column. Click the Show Details Link to be taken to the Order Details Page for this order.

Order Details Page

The Order Details page displays information for one order at a time. General information about the order is displayed at the top of the page. Several of the fields from the Orders List Table are displayed plus Ship Date which would only apply to orders requiring dispatch.

The page also displays a table with a breakdown of all the products that make up the order. The columns are:

Product Name

- E.g. Full Member subscription, 01/05/2009 - 30/04/2010

Model Number

- Unique number to identify the product. In the case of membership subscriptions the subscription Reference Number would be used.


- The quantity of the product ordered.

Price Each

- The cost of the product (not including VAT or tax)


- The cost of shipping the product if applicable (not including VAT or tax)


- Total cost of this quantity of products + shipping. Includes any shipping discounts for multiples of one product.

Beneath the table:

Total including Shipping

- Total for all products in this table + shipping (not including VAT or tax)


- Total VAT (or tax) for the entire order

Total Including Shipping and VAT

- This is the grand total for the order, the amount you paid.

Can I Try Before I Buy?

Yes! There are two ways:

Try our online sandbox

A fully-functional version of myClubhouse with fictitious data for a club named Sandbox Club.

Free Trial Offer

Register your interest and then complete a Free Trial Application Form for your club. We will personally set you up with your own fully-functional copy of myClubhouse and if you have an existing membership database, we can convert it to our secure SQL Server database system for a small fee.