Payment Management

As an administrator, you may record any payments received in the Payments Table. Subscription payments are automatically recorded in the Payments Table but other payments received can be added manually.

Select Payment Management from the Club Administration panel on the Welcome Page Menu. The Payment Management page appears.

The Payment Management Page is split into three sections accessible by links across the top of the page:

  1. Search for Payments
  2. Payment Search Results
  3. Add New Payment / Payment Editor

Search for Payments

By default this section appears first. The search section will allow you to quickly find an existing payment you are looking for.

Search For:

Here you can enter a search term in the text box. The search will return payments matching Payment ID, Type, Notes, Subscription ID, Membership Category, Payer's Name, Membership Number or User ID.


Enter start and end dates for your payment. For an open-ended date range leave one date field blank.

Click the Search button to run the search or Show All to ignore any search terms you entered and show all payments. The Payment Search Results table will appear.

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Payment Search Results Table

Here all the items matching your search criteria are displayed in a table. If you did not specify any search criteria or if you clicked the Show All button, all the items from the database will be displayed. If there are more than ten results, they will be displayed on multiple pages. You can click the column headings to sort the table.

The following columns are shown:


A unique payment identifier.

Sub ID

If the payment relates to a subscription, the unique Subscription ID is displayed here.

Payment Type

The options are Subscription, Joining Fee, Shopping Cart Product (not yet available), Surcharge (for PayPal) and Other.


The date the payment was made. For subscriptions the Start Date of of the subscription is used.


The Amount paid (not including VAT).


The amount of VAT paid.


The total amount paid including VAT.


Any other relevant notes to define the payment e.g. "Joining Fee".


The person the payment was received or member that owns the subscription.

Membership Category

Relates only to subscription payments.


Use this column to manually edit a payment using the Editor.


To delete an item from the database, select the appropriate checkbox from the Delete column, then click the Delete Selected link which appears to the right above the table. If possible your item will be deleted and this will be confirmed by a message on the screen. It is not always possible to delete an item if it is being used by other parts of the database. Note: if you delete a subscription payment then that subscription will automatically be marked as unpaid.

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Add New Payment / Payment Editor

In the editor you can add a new item or edit an existing item. To add a new item, click the Add New link at the top of the page; the Editor will appear with a clean form. To edit an existing item, find the item in the Search Results table and click on the Edit link; the Editor will appear with the current item details completed.

Complete the following sections in the Payment Editor: Payment Type, Payment Date, Subscription ID (if applicable), Amount Excluding VAT, VAT Amount and Notes. These sections relate to the column headings described above.

When you have finished completing the item details click Save to save the item. You will be taken back to the Search Results section and your new item details will appear in the table. To return to the table without saving changes, click the Cancel button.

Can I Try Before I Buy?

Yes! There are two ways:

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