Print Registration Forms

This page is open to the public but is mainly aimed at club officials. It provides officers with the facility to print off paper copies of membership registration forms, registration questionnaires and parental consent forms with the idea that they can be kept at the club and handed out to potential new members who do not have internet access.

Pop-up Windows

The page contains three links. Each of the links opens up the appropriate form in a new browser window. If you do not see the pop-up, it could be that your browser is set to block pop-up windows. If this is the case you can usually override it by holding down the control 'Ctrl' key when you click on the link or by following instructions at the top of your browser screen.


The pop-up windows display the forms in a printable format. There is a "Print" button at the top and bottom of the form. Click this button to open your printing options window. The "Print" button and instructions will not be printed and the forms are set to print in black and white only.

Selecting a Return Address (Club Officials Only)

If you are logged in and you are a club official, you will also see the option to print a return address at the bottom of the form. Select from the Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer and the return address text will appear bellow. The return address will be printed on the bottom of the form in the format "Please return completed forms to: ..." but the instructions to select the correct return address will not be printed. Non club officials do not see this option because it could be security risk to display an official's addresses to the public.

Can I Try Before I Buy?

Yes! There are two ways:

Try our online sandbox

A fully-functional version of myClubhouse with fictitious data for a club named Sandbox Club.

Free Trial Offer

Register your interest and then complete a Free Trial Application Form for your club. We will personally set you up with your own fully-functional copy of myClubhouse and if you have an existing membership database, we can convert it to our secure SQL Server database system for a small fee.