Team Selector

As a Team Captain, you may wish to use the Team Selector tool to help organize teams for your fixtures. The tool enables you to pick team members, email them with match details and record their availability. Selected team members can respond with their availability by clicking a link in the email.

Select League/Team Manager from the Club Officials panel on the Welcome Page Menu: the League and Team Management page appears. Then select Add your match fixtures and results under Fixtures and Results from the menu: the Match Fixtures and Results page appears. Now either enter the details for a new match or select and edit and existing one using the Search and Search Results tools.

In your Match Editor, there is a side heading "Players". Click the Use Team Selector link next to this: the Team Selector tool appears. The Team Selector tool has three sections, Match Details, Selected Players for Match and a Player Search tool.

Match Details

Under this section the match details are summarized for your convenience.

Selected Players for Match

This section comprises a table of selected players with columns denoting their availability etc. There is also a Quick Search box above to quickly find the player you want or you can click Advanced Search ... to access the full Player Search Tool. There are some links at the top to perform the following tasks: Notify by Email, Confirm and Delete.


- Use this column to select players to email or confirm.


- the name of the player.


- male or female.


- An image button indicates whether this player has been notified (by email or otherwise) that they have been selected for the match. A cross on red indicates Not Notified, and a tick on green indicates Notified. The cross will automatically be updated to a tick when that player is sent an email using the Notify Selected link at the top or simply by clicking on the cross image button. Team captains can also change the status manually back to Not Notified by clicking on the tick image button.


- An image button indicates whether the player has confirmed his/her availability for the match. A question mark on blue indicates Unconfirmed, a tick on green indicates Available and a cross on red indicates Not Available. Players can confirm availability by logging in and clicking the button next to their own name. The button will cycle through Unconfirmed -> Confirmed -> Not Available -> Unconfirmed etc. each time it is clicked. The team captain can also do this on behalf of a player. To confirm several players at once, pick them in the Select column then click the Confirm Selected link above the table.


- select players in this column you wish to delete from the selection table. Use the Delete Selected link above to remove them. They will re-appear in the Player Search Results table below.

Player Search Tool

Use this tool to find players to add to your selection. This tool works the same as the Member Directory. To add multiple players to the selected table pick them in the Select column and click the Add Selected To Team link at the top of the table. To add individual players, simply click the Add link under the Add to Team column in the table. Selected players will appear in the Selected Players table and be removed from the Player Search tool results.

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