Member Mugshot Manager

As a club official or administrator, you may wish to add an appropriate mugshot for a member. Once added, this photo will appear in the Member Director for others to see.

Before using the Member Mugshot Selector you must first upload the photo you want using the Image Manager.

The Member Mugshot Manager can be found in the Club Officials panel of the Welcome Page Menu. The Member Mugshot Manager consists of two panels (displayed one at a time):

Search for Member

Displays a Search panel for you to find the member(s) for whom you wish to add a mugshot. Put in any search criteria, then click Search to display the Member Search Results panel.

Member Search Results

Displays the list of members in a table along with their current mugshot icons and a Quick Search box above. This page is displayed first by default. Select the member's 'Preview' link from the table to display a mugshot preview to the right. Select the 'Remove' link to replace the mugshot with the default. Select the 'Change' link to display the Member Mugshot Selector for that member.

Member Mugshot Selector

Administrators may also find the Member Mugshot Selector by going to the Admin Menu for the member in question. Use either the Member Directory or Edit Member Details to arrive here. From the Member Admin Menu select Member Mugshot: The Member Mugshot Selector appears.

This page displays two panels; Member Details and an Image Search Tool:

Member Details

Displays basic information about the member and any existing mugshot.

Image Search Tool

Use the search tool to find the image you want to use as this member's mugshot.

Search Expression

- Type the in part of the image Title or Filename to narrow down the results.

Image Category

- Select the type of image you are looking for.

Date Range

- Some images are dated - usually with the date the photograph was taken. Select earliest and latest date or leave open ended.

Click Search to display the image results. Your results will appear as thumbnail sized images.

Image Search Results

The image results will be displayed in a grid. Click on an image to select it. The selected image appears above the grid. Click links next to the selected image to preview, choose as mugshot for current member or delete.

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