Edit VAT Rates

As an administrator, if your club is VAT Registered or registered for sales tax in your country, you may set up a VAT Rate table. If the VAT rates change from time to time you should edit them here.

Select Edit VAT Rates from the Club Settings section of the Club Administration panel on the Welcome Page Menu. The VAT Rate Table page appears.

The The VAT Rate Table page is split into two sections accessible by links across the top of the page:

  1. VAT Rate Table
  2. Add New VAT Rate / VAT Rate Editor

VAT Rate Table

Here all the different VAT rates are displayed in a table. You can click the column headings to sort the table.

The following columns are shown:


A unique VAT Rate identifier.


Name for the VAT Rate.


Single character code used to identify the VAT Rate.

Rate %

The exact VAT rate in percent to two decimal places. E.g. if the standard rate is 15% then "15.00" will be displayed.


Use this column to manually edit a VAT rate using the Editor.


To delete an item from the database, select the appropriate checkbox from the Delete column, then click the Delete Selected link which appears to the right above the table. If possible your item will be deleted and this will be confirmed by a message on the screen. It is not always possible to delete an item if it is being used by other parts of the database.

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Add New VAT Rate / VAT Rate Editor

In the editor you can add a new item or edit an existing item. To add a new item, click the Add New link at the top of the page; the Editor will appear with a clean form. To edit an existing item, find the item in the VAT Rate Table and click on the Edit link; the Editor will appear with the current item details completed.

Complete the following sections in the VAT Rate Editor: VAT Name, Code and Rate (%). These sections relate to the column headings described above.

When you have finished completing the item details click Save to save the item. You will be taken back to the Search Results section and your new item details will appear in the table. To return to the table without saving changes, click the Cancel button.

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