Questionnaire Analyzer

To analyze the results of your questionnaires you will need to create and save queries to search the database; go to Questionnaire Query Maker to find out how to do this. Although only club administrators may create and edit questionnaires, all Club Officials are able to search and analyze the results. Once you have saved your query, you can run it using the Questionnaire Analyzer or add it to a User Selection Query.

From the Welcome Page menu select Questionnaire Analyzer from the Club Officials panel.


Select the questionnaire you wish to query from the drop-down list.

Saved Queries

Select a previously saved query from the drop-down list. Then click the Run Query button.

Query Results Panel

After clicking the Run Query button, the Query Results panel appears containing a table of club members matching your query. The table has the same columns as the Member Directory and can be used in exactly the same way.

Using Your Query Results

If you wish to use your results as a dynamic Email Distribution List or if you wish to download a Mail Merge file of results you will need to create and save a User Selection Query and add this questionnaire query to your search criteria.

Can I Try Before I Buy?

Yes! There are two ways:

Try our online sandbox

A fully-functional version of myClubhouse with fictitious data for a club named Sandbox Club.

Free Trial Offer

Register your interest and then complete a Free Trial Application Form for your club. We will personally set you up with your own fully-functional copy of myClubhouse and if you have an existing membership database, we can convert it to our secure SQL Server database system for a small fee.