Auto-generated Email Editor

myClubhouse has a number of automatically generated emails that are sent to members or administrators when events occur on the website. In addition there are a few automatically-generated messages that, as an administrator, you may wish to customize for your organization.

List of Emails and Messages Controlled by the Editor
Email Editor
Database Fields
Field Generator

List of Emails and Messages Controlled by the Editor

These emails and messages are (in alphabetical order):-

  • Contact Details Email
  • Date and Cost Email
  • Email list use message
  • Email Tagline
  • Email to Event Organizer on Sign Up
  • Email Unsubscribe Message
  • Event Invite
  • Event Report Email
  • Membership Extension Email
  • Modification to Event Attendees
  • New Subscription Application to Secretary
  • New Website Introduction with Login Details
  • New Website Reminder with Login Details
  • Password Reminder
  • Payment Acknowledgement Email
  • Registration Confirmation
  • Unsubscribe Confirmation

There is no getting around the issue that the Auto-generated Email Editor is a complicated tool. It allows you to compose the messages and include fields from the database in your messages. Please do not modify any messages without first saving the text of the original message to a file on your computer so that it can always be put back.

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Email Editor

Email Type

The first control on the Editor is the Email Type drop-down list. This allows you to select which email or message you wish to edit. When you select an item from the list, the Description is displayed below it.

The Description

should help you to understand to whom the email is sent, and what actions on the website can cause it to be sent.


This is the text that will appear in the subject line of the automatically-generated email. You can change the text if you wish and you may also include database fields in the Subject.


This is the text that will appear in the main body of the email. You can edit the text and generate database fields to be included in that text. Please feel free to change the text of the messages to suit your organization, but try to avoid changing the database fields unless you are sure of what you are doing.

Save button

Always click Save to commit the changes to the database. If you wish to discard your changes, select another Email Type without saving.

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Database Fields

How it all works:-

All database fields are displayed in the Body or Subject of the email between curly braces {...}. When the email is generated by the website, each database field is replaced with text from the database.

E.g. You may have a message that begins "Dear Member,". To personalize that message you may wish to replace "Member" with the member's actual first name. This message is to be used for all members so you cannot type "Dear Jill," in the Body of the email as not all members are called "Jill"! Instead you will need to insert a code that tells the website to look in the database for the member's first name. In this instance what you should type is "Dear {SctcUser(-98).ForenameField},". Now of course, you could not have known that {SctcUser(-98).ForenameField} would be the code to use for the member's first name. That is why we have a Field Generator to help you.

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Field Generator

The Field Generator panel appears below the Email panel on the page. There are four parameters which need to be set in order to generate your field. These are:-


The item displays a drop-down list of the type of item you may wish to generate. The following options are always present:

In addition, there may be other objects present for selection, these will depend on the Email Type selected.


This represents the custom settings for your club or organization. When AppSettings is selected, the Role parameter is not required and is disabled. The Field parameter will display a drop-down list of items for selection. E.g. if you wish to insert the name of your organization into the email, select "Organization Name" from the Field drop-down.


This represents values that can be calculated by the program. Again this requires no Role. Presently, the Field values available are "Current Season Start Date" and "Current Season End Date".


These values are for forming a clickable URL link to a page on your website. E.g. The unsubscribe message which is appended to every email requires a link for a member to click if they no longer wish to receive club emails. All such links should be generated in the following format:


In the case of the Live Demo:

UrlHost translates to ""

ApplicationPath translates to "/Demo"

ClubhouseDirectory translates to "/" as there is no separate directory for myClubhouse.

UnsubscribePath translates to "/FrontEnd/PublicArea/General/Unsubscribe.aspx".

All these paths are automatically generated for you and it is unlikely you will be changing any links in the auto-generated emails. If you wish to change a link in an auto-generated email, please contact your webmaster for advice.


This is an important parameter that you may well use in your emails as it represents a club member or user. That is, someone who is registered on your database.

Now the SctcUser may refer to the person sending the message (the person logged-in when the email is generated), or the person receiving the email message or possibly a person with a particular Club Role e.g. Treasurer. Therefore, when generating a field for SctcUser, it is necessary to specify the Role of the SctcUser to which you are referring.

Role: In the case of SctcUser the choices available are: Webmaster, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, User Logged-in and Email Recipient.

E.g. In the Contact Details email to generate the recipient's first name, Select SctcUser from the Item drop-down, then select Email Recipient from the Role drop-down. The Field drop-down contains all the properties relating to your members, select Forename.


The Role specifies the specific role of the Item selected. E.g. if SctcUser is selected, use role to specify whether you are referring to the Webmaster, Secretary, Treasurer, User Logged-in (at time of email sending) or Email Recipient.



Field gives you a list of Properties for the Item selected. E.g. if you selected SctcUser you will be able to select Fields such as Forename, Surname and Date of Birth.


Each field has a default format. E.g. the default format for a date field is "D" which, in the UK, is equivalent to "dd MMMM yyyy" e.g. "30 April 2005". If you wish to change the format for your field, enter the format code in the Format box. The format code should be a code recognized by the Microsoft .NET Framework. Please do not specify any format codes if you do not know what is acceptable. If you wish to specify a particular format but do not know the code, please contact the developer for advice.

Generate Field Code Button

When you have set up your field parameters, press "Generate Field Code" to generate a field code representing your field. This code will appear in the Field Code textbox next to the button. Select and copy this field and paste it into your Email Body in the appropriate place.

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Can I Try Before I Buy?

Yes! There are two ways:

Try our online sandbox

A fully-functional version of myClubhouse with fictitious data for a club named Sandbox Club.

Free Trial Offer

Register your interest and then complete a Free Trial Application Form for your club. We will personally set you up with your own fully-functional copy of myClubhouse and if you have an existing membership database, we can convert it to our secure SQL Server database system for a small fee.