Forthcoming Events Calendar

The Forthcoming Events calendar is viewable by anyone (whether or not they are logged-in members). The events, which have been added by the organization officials via the Event Manager, appear in a calendar table listing Event ID, Name, Event Type, Date, Time, Recurring?, Can Sign Up?, Guests Allowed?, Total No. Signed Up and a Select hyperlink.


The calendar may show a vast quantity of forthcoming events and so the events can be filtered. Click the link 'Refine Search Results ...' to see filtering options. Once you have specified your criteria, click Search to display all the matches in the table.

In the case that there is more than one page of events the number of items per page can be specified via the drop-down list.

As usual the events are sortable by column; click column heading once to sort in ascending order and again to sort in descending order.

Select An Event

The Select column contains a hyperlink to jump to the event details which appear below the calendar. Apart from all the essentials the details tell you who is organizing the event so logged-in members could contact the organizer. For events that request you sign up in advance there is a link to 'Sign Me Up! / Remove Me! There is also a link to 'Show Attendee List' so you can check up on who's going. Only logged-in members can sign up or view the attendee list, If you are not logged in you will first be taken to the Login Page and then to the Sign-Up Page.

Sign-up Page

Non-members can usually sign up for events but they must be registered on the database. If guests are allowed they can be added during the sign-up process. There may be maximum and minimum attendees for an event, these are shown near the top of the sign-up page. The maximum will be enforced during signing-up. Check the 'Show Full Attendee List' box to see who else is attending. If you have already signed up or been signed up by someone else it will say so.

Member Selector (left-hand side)

First choose anyone from the member database who would like to be signed up. This would normally be yourself but you could be signing on someone else's behalf. You can select as many members as appropriate from the list. This section features a Search box to quickly find the people you want or reduce the length of the list. Enter all or part of the name in the box then click 'Go >' to run the search. Now select the people you want from the results in the list below (you can select several at once) and click 'Add Members >' to move them to Your Selected Attendees list on the right side of the page. Click 'X' to cancel the search.

Add Guests (left-hand side)

If non-registered guests are allowed at the event, and you have signed yourself up, you will see a text box to enter the names of your guests. You must enter one at a time and click 'Add Guest >'. They will then appear on the guest list next to your name. If you have not signed yourself up you will not be allowed to add non-member guests.

Your Selected Attendees (right-hand side)

All your selected attendees and guests will appear in the table on the right hand side of the screen. If there is a notes field, you can add your notes directly in the table. You can also remove your attendees and guests from this table by clicking the cross next to their name.

Remove Attendees (right-hand side)

To remove yourself or another attendee from the event, click the cross next to their name.

Save Changes Button

You must click 'Save Changes' to confirm your sign-up and any changes made to guests and notes.

Or click 'Cancel Changes' and the Attendee List, notes and Total signed up will be restored to its previous state.

Members and guests can be removed from an event by clicking the 'Sign Me Up! / Remove Me' link on the Forthcoming Events Calendar page under the event details. You can only remove people who you have personally signed up.

Attendees List Page

Registered users can view the current attendee list by clicking 'Show Attendee List' link under the event details on the Forthcoming Events Calendar or Past Events and Gallery. This page displays the event particulars, names  and notes of everyone attending. There is also a link to the Sign Up / Remove Me page.

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