Member Directory

The Member Directory displays the details of all members in the database in a table. The directory will automatically be named according to the type of member at the organization e.g. 'Member Directory' or 'Employee Directory'. The Member Directory consists of a Search Panel and a Results Table with a Quick Search box. They are not shown at the same time and the Results Table is shown first by default.

Results Table

By default all the members are displayed in the table with a Quick Search box at the top. This allows users to type in simple search term, e.g. a name, then press the return key or click Go to quickly narrow the search results. Clicking X will cancel the search. Click the Advanced Search ... link to be taken to the main Search page.

The following columns are displayed in the table: Select (checkbox column)*, Forename, Surname, Membership Category (of last paid subscription), Email 1, Mugshot, Delete (checkbox column)**, View (link column), Message Me! (button column) and Admin (link column)**.

* Only available to club officials.
** Only available to administrators.

The columns are sortable: click column heading once to sort in ascending order; click again to sort in descending order.

The email addresses are displayed as clickable hyperlinks.

The Mugshot column shows a clickable icon, click on the icon to display the full-size image.

There may be hundreds of members in the Member Directory. In most cases it would be impractical to display all members at once so the table has pages. There is a drop-down control for the user to choose how many results to display on a single page. The user navigates through the pages using the clickable page numbers are the top of the table.

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Search Panel

The Member Directory will often be used to look up a particular member or members matching certain criteria. There are several filtering options to help find the results you need as quickly as possible.

Search Expression

- simply type the expression or part of the expression you require e.g. 'John Smith'. The application will search all the name, membership number, latest paid membership category and year of latest paid membership, home phone number, mobile number and email address fields in the database and will return all matches.

Membership Category

- select from a drop-down list. This will be matched to each member's latest paid membership category. Remember, some people, who have never joined (so far) will not have a paid membership category.


- select from a drop-down list.

Role within Organization

- select from a drop-down list e.g. member, official, coach etc.

Member Query

- this is only available to club officials. This matches the results of pre-saved User Selection Queries defined by club officials in the Email Distribution List Manager or Mail Merge Manager.

Member Status

- select one of the option buttons e.g. show all, show current members only, show former members only. Note: some 'members' are neither current nor former members e.g. those who have registered but never joined.

Once all your specifications have been selected click the Search button and the application will return the results from the database which match all the specified filtering criteria. Clicking Show All will ignore your search criteria and return everyone in the database.

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Access Restrictions

The Member Directory is accessible only to fully paid up organization members and organization officials. The directory can only be accessed once the user has performed a secure login. The directory is secure and details cannot be intercepted by third parties. Former members are locked out of the directory as soon as their membership expires. Members who have registered but not joined yet are not entitled to view the Member Directory. Organization staff and officials are able to access more features than ordinary members.


When a member registers or edits his personal details, there is an option to share each of the contact details in the Member Directory. If no personal details have been shared by the member then only the Name, Membership Category, Year and Gender will be visible to other members. All contact details will be marked as 'hidden'. The only exception to this is that organization staff or officials will have unhidden access to the Member Directory. If a member has not shared any of his contact details he will be notified by a message on the Welcome Page when he logs in. Members are encouraged to share their contact details with other members as this makes communication with other members much easier and relieves the workload of organization staff. An example of when sharing is particularly important is for a sports club when a tournament is in progress. If matches are to be arranged, it is very helpful if all participants have shared their contact details. A member can share, hide or remove contact details at any time using the My Personal Details link from the Welcome Page.

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Member Details Page

Click any View link in the View column to display the Member Details Page for a particular member. This page displays: Membership Number, Gender, Membership Status, Home Address, Home Phone, Business Phone, Mobile Phone, Email 1 and Email 2. The Shared column displays a tick for each of the details that has been explicitly shared by the member. The Member Mugshot is displayed next to the contact details, click on the mugshot to display the full-size image. The Message Me! icon and link at the bottom of the page allow members to send an email to this member, even if the recipient's email address is hidden. Click your browser's back button to return to the Member Directory.

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Features - Organization Officials

The following features are only available to Organization Officials such as Committee Members, Coaches or Team Captains. The details in the Member Directory are unhidden to these verified individuals, even if a member has not chosen to share his details with other members.

Mail Merge

There is a Select column visible to officials. Use this to select any of the visible members in the table. Once selected click the 'Mail Merge' link to download all selected members and their contact details in a comma separated text file. It is important to save this file as *.csv even if prompted to save as .xls otherwise formatting issues could arise. This file can be imported into Windows applications such as Excel or Outlook. It can also be used in any application with a mail merge facility. The data can be used to send letters to all members in the file and individual address labels can be printed etc. etc.

More help on Mail Merge features.

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Features - Administrative Staff

The following features are only available to staff with administrative duties such as the Membership Secretary or the Treasurer.

Admin Link

Click the Admin link in the Admin column for any member in the directory and you will be taken to the Administration Menu page where you can view or edit details for that member.

Delete Selected Members

There is a Delete column visible only to administrators. Use this to select any of the visible members in the table. Once selected click the 'Delete Selected' link to delete all members selected in the delete column.

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Can I Try Before I Buy?

Yes! There are two ways:

Try our online sandbox

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Free Trial Offer

Register your interest and then complete a Free Trial Application Form for your club. We will personally set you up with your own fully-functional copy of myClubhouse and if you have an existing membership database, we can convert it to our secure SQL Server database system for a small fee.