Edit Club Roles

As an administrator, you may set up an unlimited number of club roles. Each club role comes with a security access level. The access level of the role determines which parts of the site a member may access and what they are allowed to see or do. A member may have more than one role within the club e.g. Committee Member and Coach. Some roles are automatically generated and cannot be modified or assigned by club administrators e.g. Adult Member or Registered on Website.

Some of the roles e.g. Secretary and Treasurer are used to determine which members will receive the automatically generated emails from the site.

Roles can also be used in User Selection Queries and can determine the members of an Email Distribution List.

Select Club Roles from the Club Administration panel on the Welcome Page Menu. The Edit Club Roles page appears.


The Club Roles table displays all the roles and has the following columns: Role ID, Role Name, Security Level, Can be Set Manually?, Can be Deleted?, Select button and Delete button.

Role ID

A unique number automatically assigned by the database.

Role Name

The name of the Role or Status e.g. "Committee Member".

Security Level

The level of access granted to a member of that role.

Can be Set Manually?

If true then the administrator may use the member Administration Menu to add or remove that role from a member. If false, the role is automatically assigned to a member by the software e.g. Adult Member is automatically assigned depending on a member's current membership subscription status.

Can be Deleted?

There are seven roles which cannot be deleted. Four of these are the automatically generated roles: Adult Member, Child Member, Former Member and Registered on Website. In addition there is the role of Webmaster which is reserved for Simmetrics Ltd to perform support and maintenance. Hon. Secretary is reserved for the club's main membership administrator. The name of the role can be changed but the role must always exist as the person with that role will be send all email notifications regarding membership. Hon. Treasurer is also reserved for the club's treasurer or person that handles the accounts and book-keeping. Again, the name of the role can be changed but there must be a Treasurer to receive subscription payments etc.

All other roles, created by the club, can be modified and deleted at will.

Select button

To view or edit an existing Role click the Select button, the Editor panel appears.

Delete button

To delete a role select the role or roles in the Delete column of the table, then click Delete Selected button beneath the table.

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Add button

The Add button will open the Editor for a new Role to be defined.

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In the editor you can set the following features:

Role Name:

give the role a simple, yet descriptive name e.g. "Committee Member". Other club officials will need to understand this name when using it to create Email Distribution Lists etc.

Description (optional):

Describe the meaning of the role for yourself and other administrators.

Security Level (very important):

Select the appropriate security level for this role from the drop-down list. It is important that you select the correct level and never give more security access than is absolutely necessary for the members with that role to fulfil their duties. As you select each security level, a detailed description appears in the Editor.

Use Save to save changes and close the Editor, Clear to clear the Editor and start afresh and Cancel to discard changes and close the Editor.

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Can I Try Before I Buy?

Yes! There are two ways:

Try our online sandbox

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