Sent Emails

The Sent Emails table enables you to check what emails have been sent from the site. It includes all emails whether they be sent automatically, e.g. registration confirmation, or via the Send An Email page. The page consists of

  • Filtering options
  • Table of emails
  • Email details form

Filtering Options

To narrow down your search for a particular email you can use the filtering options.

Search Expression:

The following email attributes will be searched in the database: From, Subject, Message and User Logged-in.

Sent Date:

Allows you to search for all emails sent between two dates e.g. from 1st March 2004 to 31st March 2004. Use the date selectors to select your dates.

If you know the exact date of the email you want; enter that date in both the date selectors.

If you want to return all emails after a certain date; enter that date in the first date selector and leave the second date selector blank.

To return all emails sent before a certain date; enter that date in the second date selector and leave the first date selector blank.

Table of Sent Emails

The table of Sent Emails contains the following columns:

Logged-in, From, To, Subject, Sent Email Date, Select button

All but the Select column are sortable. Click column heading once to sort in ascending order; click again to sort in descending order.

If there are several pages of email in the table, use the links at the top and bottom of the table to navigate through the pages. Select Number of Items to show per page from the drop-down control above the table.


The name of the user that was logged-in when the email was sent. If the email was sent from the Send An Email page then it will be the name of the user who sent it. In some cases automatic emails are sent e.g. to notify an event organizer when someone signs up for an event. In that case the user logged-in at the time would be the user that signed-up. It is also possible for automatic emails to be sent when no user is logged-in e.g. registration confirmation, in that case this column will display 'None'.


The text inserted into the From field when the email was sent. If the from field contained the email address of a known member, the name of that member would normally be included e.g. "Jill Smith " <>.


Email addresses in the To field of the email.


The subject field text.

Sent Email Date

Date and time email was sent in format "Wed 09/03/2005 12:14".

Select button column

Click the Select button for email details to appear in the Email Details Form.

Email Details Form

Appears below the Sent Emails Table for you to see full details of the selected sent email.

User logged-in when email sent, From, To, Cc, Bcc, Subject & Body are all displayed in full.

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