Edit Membership Start Times

As an administrator, you may set up an unlimited number of membership start times. The membership start times are used during the registration process. The registrant can select a time from the list that best suits him to start his membership. Start times cannot be deleted but can be made unavailable.

Select Membership Start Times from the Club Administration panel on the Welcome Page Menu. The Edit Membership Start Times page appears.


The Membership Start Times table displays all the start times and has the following columns: Category ID, Name, Short Name, Currently Available?, Select button. All bar the Select column are sortable. Click the column heading once to sort in ascending order, and again to sort in descending order.

Category ID

A unique number automatically assigned by the database.


The descriptive name of the start time. This will appear in a drop-down list for the user to select during registration. Enter names such as "As soon as possible" or "At the start of the next season". There is a built-in start time called "Let me pick a date ..." when a user selects this, a date control appears for him to enter his preferred start date. The administrator is not in any way obliged to approve the subscription to start on that date.

Short Name

Make it short and snappy.

Currently Available?

Use this column to make a start time obsolete. A time that has previously been used cannot be deleted; however, it can be made obsolete so that it is no longer available for members in the future.

Select button

Use the Select button to modify a membership category. The details appear in the Editor below.

Add New button

The Add New button will open the Editor for a new Start Time to be defined.


In the editor you can set all the parameters displayed in the table columns.

Use Save to save changes and close the Editor, Clear to clear the Editor fields and start afresh, or Cancel to discard changes and close the Editor.

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