Subscription Management

Subscription Management is only available to the organization Secretary and Treasurer or the appropriate administrators who deal with subscriptions and accounts.

Renew Season's Subscriptions

Just before the beginning of each new season, the administrator would normally wish to invite all members to renew their subscriptions. To save time, it is a one-step process to create a new subscription for each member. This way, all the new subscriptions will appear in the Subscription Table with the Paid? field set to 'No' and the administrator can email the details of each pending subscription to the member and tick each one off when it is paid.

Year to Renew:

You will be renewing all the subscriptions which were valid in a particular season. Enter the year that the last season began. E.g. if the last season was 2004-2005, enter "2004"; then the brand new subscriptions will be created for the 2005-2006 season.

More help on how to Renew all Subscriptions for a Season's Members .

Example - Temp Membership

Registration and Initial Membership Dates & Cost Email

A USER registers and requests an 8 week trial membership to start at the beginning of the next coaching course. The administrator is notified by email of the registration and finds the new subscription in the Table of Pending Subscriptions. The USER has requested membership category "Temp Adult", the Requested Start Time field says "When the next adult coaching course begins". Since the next course begins on 13th July 2004 the administrator enters "13/07/2004" in the Start Date column. He enters "06/09/2004" in the Expiry Date column as this is 8 weeks from the start date inclusive. He enters the cost of the 8 week trial membership in the Cost column "40.00". He then clicks the "Email" button to send the proposed dates and cost to the user by email. The changes are saved automatically when the Email button is clicked and the Cost Email Sent? column is automatically ticked-off. There is a confirmation message at the top of the table.

Payment is Received

After a few days the administrator receives a cheque to cover the cost of the new member's subscription. The member has written his reference number of the back of the cheque. The administrator uses the reference number to locate the subscription in the table. He ticks the Paid? checkbox for the sub. He then clicks the "Email" button to save the changes and automatically send an email to the member to confirm that payment has been received. The Payment Acknowledged? column is automatically ticked-off and a confirmation message appears at the top of the table. The subscription no longer appears in the Table of Pending Subscriptions as payment has now been confirmed by email.

The administrator locates the subscription in the Table of Temp Memberships. He prints a membership card for the member, and ticks-off the Membership Card column and saves changes.

Renewal Options are Sent Out

Six weeks after the start of the member's temp subscription the administrator must notify the member of his renewal options. The administrator locates the member's sub in the Table of Temp Memberships and fills in the costs of extending to Full or Midweek membership to the end of the season. Annual Full membership (May - April) would normally cost £110 but the member has already paid £40 for this season and has missed the first two and a half months of the season; therefore the administrator decides upon a pro-rata rate of £50 to extend to full membership until the end of April and puts it in the Ext to Full Cost column . Similarly he decides upon £30 to extend to Midweek membership and enters it in the Ext to Midweek Cost column. He clicks the Email button: the changes are saved and the member receives an automatic email detailing his options for renewal. The Extension Letter or Email Sent? column is automatically ticked-off.

Membership is Renewed

At the beginning of September the administrator receives a cheque from the member for Extension to Full Membership. The same reference number is written on the back and the administrator uses it to locate the Temp Adult sub in the table. He clicks the "Extend to Full" button in the table. After a few seconds there is a confirmation message at the top of the table that says "Membership extended successfully. You will find the new subscription in the Pending Memberships table.". The Extended? column is now ticked.

New Membership is Confirmed

There is a new subscription for that member in the table. The Membership Category is "Full Member". Start Date shows "07/09/2004", Expiry Date shows "20/04/2005", Cost shows "£50" and Cost Email Sent? is not ticked (not applicable). Paid? is ticked but Payment Acknowledged? and Membership Card? are not yet ticked. The other columns are not applicable to this subscription. The administrator needs to notify the member that payment has been Received so he clicks the "Email" button for the new sub and an automatic email goes out to the member confirming his new subscription. The Payment Acknowledged? column is automatically ticked and there is a confirmation message at the top of the table. The administrator prints and posts a new membership card for the member and ticks the Membership Card? column then saves changes.

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