User Selection Queries

User Selection Queries are extremely powerful searches of the member database and can be saved for future use either for Membership Analysis, Email Distribution Lists, downloading Mail Merge files or for viewing in the Member Directory.

User Selection Queries Page

From the Welcome Page menu, click one of the following links from the Club Officials panel

  • Email Distribution List Manager or
  • Mail Merge Manager

You will be taken to the User Selection Queries Page.

The User Selection Queries Page page consists of a table of all the queries currently saved. You may wish to add, edit or delete any of these queries. The table has the following columns:

ID, Name, Description, Mail Merge button, Definition button, Email List, Edit Name button, Select

ID - unique ID for your query, automatically assigned by the database.

Name - give your query a descriptive name.

Description - A detailed description of the query type. Please describe this for other organization officials to use your list.

Mail Merge button - click to perform the query and download a comma separated text file of the results.

Definition button - click to be taken to the User Query Definition Editor to define your search criteria.

Email List - this column indicates whether the query may be used as an email distribution list in the Send An Email wizard.

Edit Name button - click to make the table row editable. Modify the Name, Description or Email List columns then click Update to save the changes or Cancel to revert.

Select - Use the checkboxes to select your chosen queries.

The first three columns are sortable. Click column heading to sort in ascending order; click again to sort in descending order.

Add New button

Click the Add New button to create a new query. The Editor appears beneath the table. Type your name and description and select whether you wish the query to be used as an Email Distribution List. Click Save to add the query to the table.

Delete Selected button

Click the Delete button to delete all queries selected in the Select column.

User Query Definition Editor

  • This page provides three powerful tools to perform a query and return users (club members), they are Filtering Options, Questionnaire Queries and Static User Selector.
  • Here is where you define and save your query definition and NOT its results. User Selection Queries are always run live so that the most up-to-date results can be returned.
  • The first two tools, Filtering Options and Questionnaire Queries, will narrow down your results; they use the AND operator which means all criteria must be true for a result to be returned. The third tool, Static User Selector, is for selecting specific members by name. Those selected members will always appear in your results.
  • The Results Table is simply for previewing your query results as a quick test; it is run live and will not necessarily return the same results in the future, if user circumstances have changed. You do not need to use the Results Table before saving your query.
  • If any query is used as an Email Distribution List, those users that have opted-out will always be excluded when the email is sent.

Filtering Options

Organization Roles

If you wish to use Roles to aid selection, select the Organization Role checkbox; the available roles will become appear.

Returns members matching any of the roles you specify. Increase the number of roles to widen the search (the more roles you select, the more results will be returned).

Note: Be careful when selecting roles such as Adult Member and Child Member; these both imply that the results returned will be current, fully-paid up members. Other roles do not imply that a member has a current subscription at the time of running the query.

Subscription Criteria

If you wish to specify your criteria relating to membership subscriptions, select the Subscription checkbox; the subscription criteria appears.

Members must meet all of the criteria you specify in the subscription criteria section. If any of the following criteria is not important, leave it unselected.

Membership Category: if you wish to return members of only one membership category, select the Membership Category checkbox and choose the category from the drop-down list which becomes enabled.

Start Date: to specify a start date range for the subscription, select the Start Date checkbox. The earliest and latest start date selectors become enabled. These allow you to search for all subscriptions starting between two dates e.g. from 1st March 2004 to 31st March 2004. Use the date selectors to select your dates.

If you know the exact start date of the subscription you want; enter that date in both the date selectors.

If you want to return all subscriptions starting after a certain date; enter that date in the first date selector and leave the second date selector blank.

To return all subscriptions starting before a certain date; enter that date in the second date selector and leave the first date selector blank.

End Date: the subscription end date criteria works in the same way as the start date criteria. Use the date selectors to specify that only members with subscriptions ending between two dates will be returned.

Paid?: if you wish to return only paid for or not paid for subscriptions, select the Paid? checkbox and "Yes" or "No" from the drop-down list. Note: the database often holds pending subscriptions and subscriptions that were never taken up, specify Paid? to distinguish these from activated subscriptions.

Extended?: works in the same way as Paid? but Extended only applies to "Temp" subscriptions. Use this to return Temp subscriptions that were or were not extended to full subscriptions. Note: if you have specified a membership category that was not a temporary type and you specify Extended=Yes then you will have no results.

Membership Card?: works in the same way as Paid?. Membership Card=Yes means that a membership card has already been produced for that subscription. To return all subscriptions for which there has not been a membership card select Membership Card=No.

NOT Membership Category: to exclude subscriptions matching a particular membership category, select the NOT Membership Category checkbox and choose the category from the drop-down list which becomes enabled. Note: remember some members may have a history of subscriptions of various categories.

Personal Details

If you wish to specify your criteria relating to personal details, select the Personal Details checkbox; the criteria appears.

Members must meet all of the criteria you specify in the Personal Details section.

Gender: If you wish to specify what gender to to return, select the Gender checkbox and specify from the drop-down list that becomes enabled.

DOB (Date of Birth): the DOB criteria works in the same way as the subscription start date criteria. Use the date selectors to specify that only members with DOB between your two dates will be returned.

Include users with blank DOB?: As not all members are required to provide a DOB, there may be members with no DOB in the database. Check the box if you wish to return these users as well as those that match your DOB criteria.

Registration Date: This also works that same way as subscription start date. The Registration Date is the date when a user registered on the database, a user may have a registration date but no paid subscriptions. Those members present on the database since its inception will have a registration date equal to the database inception date.

Coaching Credit?: A coaching credit may be awarded to a member that was entitled to a free coaching course but has not yet received it. To return all members with a coaching credit select Coaching Credit=Yes.

Do Not Email?: Do Not Email=Yes for those members that have opted out of the organization's email distribution lists. If you wish to return only members that are happy to be on the email lists select Do Not Email=No.

Deceased?: If you wish to return only members that are not deceased, select the Deceased? checkbox and "No" from the drop-down list which becomes enabled.

Search Expression

Check the Search Expression checkbox if you wish to search on a particular word, part-word or phrase; the Search Expression textbox appears.

The search expression you enter into the box is used to match all or part of Forename, Surname, Forename Surname, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Business Phone, Email1 and Email2.


  • If you enter "John S"; John Smith and John Sayer may be returned but not John Jones.
  • If you enter "Mr John Smith" then no results will be returned as the Title is not searched.
  • If you enter "hotmail", all members with a hotmail email address will be returned; but if you enter "" then only members with email addresses matching the whole text will be returned.

Membership Status

Check the Membership Status checkbox to limit the dynamic criteria to current or former members only. Remember, some users do not fit into either of these categories e.g. a user that has registered but has not yet paid for a subscription; that user has never been a "member". Select your option from All (includes current, former and never-members), Current or Former.

Questionnaire Queries

The Questionnaire Queries panel displays a table of all previously saved questionnaire queries. Select those queries you wish to include as part of your search (a query within your User Selection Query). Only members matching all selected queries and any Filtering Options will be returned.

Static User Selector

Use this to select specific members to always appear in the list, regardless of criteria. The left-hand list box shows all available members; this section features a Search box to quickly find the people you want or reduce the length of the list. Enter all or part of the name in the box then click 'Go >' to run the search. Now add the people you want from the results in the list below. Click 'X' to cancel the search. Select as many as you want from the left-hand list then click "Add" to transfer the members to the selected members' list box on the right-hand side. Similarly, select and click "Remove" to transfer members from the right-hand list back to the left-hand list. All members selected here will be returned in addition to those matching Filtering Options and Questionnaire Queries. No member will appear more than once in the results list.

Results Table

To perform a simple test you can use the Results Table. Click the "Refresh" link to display a table of results. The table columns are Forename, Surname and Latest Membership Category. Underneath the table is a count of the number of members returned. Columns are sortable. Click column heading once to sort in ascending order; click again to sort in descending order.

N.B. Latest Membership Category is the Membership Category of the latest paid subscription for that member. It is not necessarily the Membership Category for the subscription that returned a positive result for that member in your filtering options.

Save New Definition button

Saves the query definition to the database.

Cancel button

Cancel the changes and return to the User Selection Query page.

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