Refer a Friend

How does it work?

  • Tell all your friends, colleagues and club contacts about myClubhouse, and what you like about it.
  • Ask them to register for a Free Trial at and make sure they mention you or your club name when signing up or completing their registration questionnaire.
  • If they sign up for an annual licence, your club will get an extra two months added on to its own licence for myClubhouse.
  • If your club has a current annual licence of myClubhouse, your current licence expiry date will be extended by two months once payment has been processed for the new club. If your club does not currently have an annual licence, the two extra months can be saved as a credit.

Your club must purchase an annual licence in order to take advantage of this credit. The credits will not expire but will have no cash value. There is no limit to the number of new clubs or organizations you can recommend. This offer is open to referring clubs of all annual licence types regardless of whether either club (referring or referred) is non-profit or commercial and regardless of the number of members in either club. This offer is ongoing but we reserve the right to withdraw it at any time.

Can I recommend another club that I am also a member of?

Yes, of course. You can recommend myClubhouse to any organization that you think would benefit. If you play sports at several clubs, recommend to them all! You can recommend to your church, school, employer or any special interest groups and societies that you know about.

How can I spread the word?

If you have a current licence or free trial for myClubhouse, you can start by using it to send an email to all your members. It is quite likely that your members will have appreciated the benefits of myClubhouse for your club and will want to recommend it to other organizations they are involved with. If your club participates in sports leagues or competitions, mention it to other committee members and team captain contacts, for example. When sending recommendations by email, remember to include the link

What if the club I recommended forgets to mention me?

Don't worry if they forget or don't complete the registration questionnaire. We will be sure to ask all new clients where they heard about us. In the future we will be setting up referral tools and pro-forma emails that you can use to be sure your recommendation is tracked. In the meantime, word of mouth will be fine.

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Like us and win!

Like us and win!

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Can I Try Before I Buy?

Yes! There are two ways:

Try our online sandbox

A fully-functional version of myClubhouse with fictitious data for a club named Sandbox Club.

Free Trial Offer

Sign up now for your club, it's free for 30 days! We will personally set you up with your own fully-functional copy of myClubhouse and if you have an existing membership database, you can opt to import it to our secure SQL Server database system for a small fee.