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Privacy Policy

Preamble to our privacy policy

Cumnor Cricket Club takes the protection of the data that we hold about you as a member seriously and will ensure that the data you provide is processed in accordance with data protection legislation.  

We gather and retain such information as is necessary to run the club efficiently, and private data supplied is only shared with club officers and coaches who have need of it to carry out their responsibilities, both in accordance with the policies of the club, and with best practice, in particular such good practice as is defined by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), and of course within the terms of the law, most particularly the 2018 GDPR legislation.

The principal communication with members and friends of the club relates to promotion and management of the club's programme of training, matches, and social and administrative events.

Team managers and other officers shall have access to contact details and other retained information provided to enable their appropriate communication with members and other interested parties for the organisation of training and matches.  

Wider communiques from club officers (e.g. Treasurer, Secretary, Head of Youth Cricket, Membership Secretary etc) shall be limited to core club related events, news and promotion of its activities.  Communication will where possible be targeted either at the junior membership, or the senior membership.  However sometimes club-wide communications are deemed to be appropriate.

From time to time, such communication may include messages from official club sponsors or coaches, or the cricket organisations to which the club is affiliated.  Receipt of these messages shall be subject to an opt in consent.

For the avoidance of doubt, the club will not share personal data with its sponsors.  It shall however share such information as is necessary with affiliated cricket organisations, in so far as this is required for participation either in competitions (e.g. Play Cricket or the Cherwell League) or in county Pathway trialling and training programmes.

The club is investing in the myClubhouse system as its principle repository and source of data, and to help it manage club wide electronic communication in accordance with GDPR legislation and best practice.  There will however be some email sent to/from email accounts associated with Cumnor Cricket Club, and from time to time from individual club officials.  It shall be the responsibility of any club officials using personal email accounts to communicate with members to do so in accordance with club privacy policies.

The participation of individuals within the club's social media accounts shall be at the discretion of those individuals and in accordance with the policies of those platforms.  Participation is outwith the remit of this privacy policy.  However such participation shall be governed by the codes of conduct members and participants in the club's activities are required to sign up to. 

Those involved with the club are invited to help it develop and embed its privacy policies.

Formal privacy policy statement

Name of data controller: Cumnor Cricket Club. The Treasurer shall be the nominated club official responsible for data privacy.

Categories of personal data we collect: see the various membership registration forms, but to include name and date of birth, contact and emergency contact details, medical/specific requirements information, disability information, gender and (optionally) ethnic origin, sporting experience information, and various agreements such as to video/photography, a participation agreement, and assent to the the club's code of conduct and other policies.

Our source of the personal data: the parent/legal guardian registering a child (age <18) to join the club, the individual registering to join the club (age 18 and above), club coaches and the junior co-ordinator, managers and/or head of youth cricket, medical practitioners.

Automated decisions we may take: none.

Purposes for which we process personal data: administering bookings and attendance at training sessions and matches, promotion of the club's activities, supporting the delivery of cricket sessions, for training and competition entry, for reporting of participation ad any incidents and figures and trends (including equality and inclusion information), for quality and improvement monitoring.

Who we may disclose your personal data to: leagues, coaches and junior managers/co-ordinators for administering training sessions and matches, volunteers who work at the club to support the delivery of sessions, Oxfordshire cricket board which supports the club's programmes.

Legal basis for processing your personal data: 

  • for administration and programme delivery: that it is necessary to fulfil the contact that you are going to enter into or have entered into with us;
  • for dealing with medical needs: to which you have given your explicit consent or is in your or your child's vital interests;
  • in all other cases: that it is necessary for our legitimate interests which are to build a programme to encourage participation in cricket and does not prejudice or harm rights and freedoms of members, or parents and guardians or the children that join that programme.

Your right to withdraw consent: where you have given your consent to any processing of personal data, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time.  If you do, it will not affect the lawfulness of any processing for which we have consent prior to your withdrawing it.

Location of your personal data: within the United Kingdom or the European Economic Area.

How long will we keep your personal data for: we will not retain your personal data for longer than is reasonable and necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.  We shall retain your personal data for such time as you are registered with Cumnor Cricket Club as a member.  3 years after you cease to be a member or play an active part in the club, we shall delete your data.

Your rights in respect of your personal data: you have the right of access to your personal data and, in some cases, to require us to restrict, erase or rectify it or to object to our processing of it, and the right of data portability.

Our contact details: email - cumnorcricket@gmail.com.  Location - Park Field, Appleton Road, Cumnor, Oxford OX2 9QH.   www.cumnorcricketclub.com

Complaints: If you have any concerns or complaints about how we are handling your data, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Treasurer who is responsible for the Club's data management.  If you are not satisfied with the way the club is managing your concerns, you are able to contact the Information Commissioner's Office.

Use of Email Tracking Pixels

All emails sent by the system contain a tracking pixel. This is used to track whether each email has been opened by the recipient, and when. This information can be viewed by those users of the system with permission to view email delivery reports. We do not display any information regarding the location of the recipient. Note that the tracking pixel is only activated if the recipient chooses to download images into their email client.

Data Processor

We, Cumnor Cricket Club, make use of the myClubhouse software supplied by Simmetrics Ltd to process personal data we include on our myClubhouse website in accordance with our privacy policy set out above. Simmetrics Ltd processes your personal data on our behalf and they can only do so in accordance with our written instructions. You can find the details of our data processor’s privacy policy here: http://www.myclubhouse.co.uk/Home/PrivacyPolicy.