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Booking System

The booking system add-on allows members to book and pay for assets such as courts or pitches in various time slots.

"What is a bookable asset?"

Bookable assets can be anything: tennis courts, bowling rinks, cricket nets, function rooms, coaches, equipment etc. You can define exactly when each asset is available and how that time is divided into bookable slots. You can even have multiple separate booking systems with separate owners and entitlement set-ups.

"How can we ensure everyone has a fair chance to book?"

You can set rules to limit when, who and how many bookings can be made. Plus many other rules are available.

"How can we ensure no one books over our club sessions?"

You can black out times when certain assets are unavailable.

"What if we need to break the rules?"

Each booking system has its own set of entitlements/permissions and certain users can be given permission to override booking system rules and make bookings that would not be allowed by an ordinary user.

"How can we track who has made the bookings?"

Bookings can be set up to allow one or multiple members to book the same asset at the same time. The system can record the names of all attendees, regardless of whether they made the booking themselves and these can be browsed on a table, which can also be searched or exported.

"Can we charge for bookings?"

Yes, costs can be set for bookings and members can pay online.

The Booking System add-on is available now. Please contact us for a demo or a free trial.

More details coming soon.