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Customisation and Integration

We recognise that your club's branding and identity is important to you and, whilst myClubhouse is an off-the-shelf system, you don't want it to look like any old generic club website ...

"Our club colours are orange and pink"

OK ... well, not a problem. The colours of most of the elements of myClubhouse are completely configurable. You can define your primary and secondary colours and then colour each of the elements either as tints of those colours or any other colour you like. You can colour the menu, banner, borders and underlines, footer etc. You can also put your club logo on the left and another logo or banner on the right. The image carousel is completely configurable and can contain as many images as you like. Each image can be a clickable link. You can also target particular images at particular subsets of your membership.

"Can I change the menu?"

Yes, the menu is completely configurable. You can precisely define which menus and sub-menus you want and rename any of the items in the menus. I should say that the menu automatically configures itself to only show the items that the logged in user has access to. This access is controlled by entitlements (explained on the Access Control page).

"... and add links to external sites?"

Yes, as well as links to pages within myClubhouse, you can also add links to any other page on the web. So, if you have another web site, then it is easy to add links back to that site. Conversely, all pages in myClubhouse have their own unique URL, So it is easy for external sites to link into any page of the site including, for example, those for individual events.

"... and to our Facebook and Twitter pages?"

The club settings page allows you to set your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn IDs. These will then be displayed as easy-to-recognise icons in the menu bar.

"We don't call our members 'members', we call them 'comrades'"

Much of the terminology used in myClubhouse is configurable. You can set the following terms:

  • Organisation type - e.g. 'Club', 'Society', 'Gym' etc.
  • Users - e.g. 'Member', 'Associate' etc.
  • Subscription type - e.g. 'Membership'
  • Club official - e.g. 'Official', 'Officer', 'Administrator' etc.
  • Branch - e.g. 'Division', 'Region' etc.
  • Section - e.g. 'Sport', 'Section', 'Division' etc.
  • Token - e.g. 'Point', 'Loyalty Point' etc.