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Online Demo

An online demo is often the best way to get an understanding of the extraordinary breadth and depth of features in myClubhouse. It will allow us to discuss your requirements in detail and work out how best to tailor and configure the system to match your needs. myClubhouse is so flexible that, in many cases, there will be a number of different ways to solve any particular problem; an online demo will allow us to home in on the best solution.

Online demos are conducted using Zoom Video Conferencing. This incorporates screen-sharing so that all attendees can watch the demo and audio conferencing, which you can join using your PC or tablet's microphone and speaker. As many people as you like can join the demo from literally anywhere in the world (with internet access, that is!).

We appreciate that many of you are running your clubs as volunteers and also have day jobs. This can make it very difficult for all the interested parties to find a mutually convenient time to meet; especially during business hours. We are more than happy to run a demo on an evening or weekend if that is more convenient for you.

Your Own Site on a 30-Day Free Trial!

We can set you up with your very own free trial site within a matter of minutes. This site will be private to you and fully functional with all features (even add-ons) enabled. If you decide to go ahead with a myClubhouse licence, we can transition your trial site into your live site, cleaning out any temporary or test data you may have created along the way.

Any Questions? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to answer all your queries.


Click the link to sign up for your free trial. Fill in a few basic details about your organisation.

No payment information requested and no obligation!


We will set up your site manually in order to personalise it for you, so please be patient. Once ready we will send you administrator login details and some "Getting Started" documentation.


Follow the steps in "Getting Started" documentation to get your site set up the way you want it.


Your new site now comes with a data import tool so you can import any existing member data from a CSV file. We are more than happy to import the data for you at no charge.


Shortly before your free trial expires, we will invite you to buy an annual licence. If you accept, your licence will start the day after your trial expires. Need more thinking time or time to bring the Committee around? No problem! Just drop us an email.


Use the Launch Tools to introduce your members to your new site and get them to set up their passwords. Alternatively, invite your members to register on your myClubhouse site.


Sandbox Site Access

Just want to have a play? You can access our shared, fully-functional version of myClubhouse with fictitious data for a club named Sandbox Club. You can access all of the features of myClubhouse but remember that the site is shared and any data you put into it will be widely available; so it would be best to stick with entirely fictional data.

You can go ahead right now and register for guest access directly on the site (as a prospective member would). If you would like full administrator-level access, please contact us and we'll get that to you straight away.