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"Fortescue" Release - October 2020


"Fortescue" Release - October 2020

01 October 2020 / Matthew Shovelton / myClubhouse, Release Notes

The next major version upgrade of myClubhouse is now ready for release. The major new features and notable improvements are listed below. As with all releases, this one includes a number of other small enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Vehicles Module: A brand new module to allow members to register the details of their cars, motorbikes, bicycles, canoes, boats and other machinery. These form part of a member's "virtual garage". When signing up to events, members can select from the vehicles they are eligible to drive/ride/etc. The list will include vehicles owned by other members and where they are listed as a named driver.
  • API: This version of myClubhouse includes the first iteration of our API functionality. For this release, the API is restricted to the retrieval of member, event and ride result information, using HTTP GET calls. There is an entitlement to control who has access to this functionality and those users can then manage their API keys on their profile page. Data access through the API is limited by the entitlements of the user who owns the API key. Future releases of the API will include the ability to push data into the system (for example, member registration and event sign-up), and also to create webhook endpoints for receiving notifications from myClubhouse.
  • New Events Editor: The events editor page has been completely re-designed to be simpler and more logical. We have also added some new configuration options: firstly, you can now create draft events; such events are not visible to members and there is a separate entitlement controlling who is allowed to publish events on the system. This means that you can allow certain users to create draft events that require administrators to approve them before they are published on the site. Secondly, you can now create events where only administrators are allowed to sign people up. This is particularly useful for clubs that run classes where the organisers explicitly allocate members to particular classes rather than allowing them to sign up directly.
  • Revamped Events Sign-up: The events sign-up process has also been completely re-designed, again to make it simpler to use. There is now just a single "Sign-up" button for each event or series. The sign-up popup then leads the member through the sign-up process, making it easier to quickly select family members. You can also link a registration wizard to an event, allowing members of the public to register as part of the event sign-up process.
  • Bulk Event Sign-up: A new, administrator-only bulk sign-up feature has been added. This allows admins to quickly add many members to an event, selecting cost options and completing form information where necessary. This will be especially useful for classes where people are allocated by the organiser. The page also allows bulk recording of payment received (if payment made manually or with tokens).
  • Improved League & Teams Module: We have made a number of big improvements to the league and teams module. It is now generally easier to navigate and work with. Fixtures can be uploaded in bulk from a spreadsheet. There is a new page to allocate players to squads in bulk. Finally, the availability reminder emails now include quick click buttons to record availability without having to login to the system.
  • Match Fees: The league and teams module now also supports match fees. For each fixture, you can define the match fee and this is automatically added to the players' baskets when they are selected. Match fees can be paid for with money or tokens and you can define different rates for different members, based on member lists. So, for example, you can charge a different match fee for juniors than for adults.
  • Registration Improvements: Registration wizards now explicitly support the situation where a parent is registering a child. What this means is that instead of just creating the child's record (with the username/password attached to it), the system can create separate records for the child and up to two parents or guardians, with the username and password attached to one of the parents. The parents and child can be automatically placed into a family group. You can collect separate names and contact details of both parents on a single registration form.
  • Subscription/Membership Improvements: We have made a number of small enhancements and bug fixes to membership subscriptions. Also, a new feature in this area, is the ability for members to change their membership or renewal category before accepting it. Administrators can define which categories they are allowed to change from/to. We have also made it easier to manage slots in group subscriptions and re-assign them to different members.
  • GoCardless Improvements: We have improved reporting around unexpected GoCardless events. The treasurer is now automatically emailed in the event of a failure of mandate setup, payment subscription creation or payment processing. A section has been added to the user profile page to show details of the user's active mandates and allow admins to get more information from GoCardless on the status of each users' payments.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of these features or would like a demo.