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Web Page Designer (CMS)

As well as being a fully-featured membership management system, myClubhouse can also host all of your content. Static content can be combined with data-driven widgets, and you have fine-grained control over the who can access which content.

"We would like to have just one website with all our member data and content?"

No problem. The CMS add-on allows you to create any number of pages of content. CMS pages can be constructed as a mix of text, images, video, attachments and data-driven widgets. The myClubhouse CMS is divided into Spaces where each Space can contain multiple pages. This allows you to organise your content and apply different entitlements to each Space.

Each page has a "draft-and-publish" workflow. Administrators can work on a new draft of a page without the membership being able to see the work-in-progress. Once ready, the draft page can be published. The entitlements can be set up such that editors and publishers can be different people, allowing oversight of page publication. Each page maintains a history of the previous versions of that page, together with the author's details and date of publication.

CMS pages can be easily be added anywhere ib the main menu. You can also link a menu or sub-menu to a Space such that it is automatically populated with all the pages in the Space. As with other menu items, they will only be visible to those with permimssion to access them.

"It would be great if members could comment on our content."

Each page in the CMS can optionally have a comments thread (the editor decides whether it should have one or not). Entitlements control who is allowed to view the comments and who is allowed to contribute. A full comments thread, tracking replies is then added to the bottom of the page. Administrators can moderate content, removing offending posts. Contributors can be notified by email when replies are posted to their comments.

"What data driven widgets do you support?"

myClubhouse has a number of data driven widgets which can be placed anywhere on the page.

  • A member list widget which can contain selected details of all members in a defined member list. The widget can display the details as contact cards or as a table. Ideal for committee pages.
  • An event feed widget showing a configured set of upcoming events.
  • A news or blog feed containing the latest posted articles.
  • A Twitter feed containing a defined selection of tweets.
  • A clickable ad component. Embed an image with a click link behind it. If you have the Site Analytics add-on, you can track click events on Google Analytics.
  • An image carousel component.
  • A site links component containing a defined set of commonly accessed pages on the myClubhouse site.

We are constantly adding to this set, so watch this space!

"Members need to be kept informed of new content and updates"

Members can set watches on any page in the CMS. They will then be notified by email if a new version of that page is published. If they contribute to a page (by editing or commenting), then they will automatically be added as a watcher.