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Blogs and Forums

As well as simple content pages, the addition of the Blogs & Forums add-on will allow you to add blog feeds and discussion forums.

"How does a blog feed differ from a simple web page?"

A blog feed is essentially a structured set of web pages. The top level page lists the posts that have been made to the blog. Pages underneath this contain the blog posts themselves. As well as the content of the article, each blog page has a title, description, author, publication date and, optionally, a banner image. The content of each article can be a mix of text, images and file attachments.

As with normal CMS web pages, authors can work on a draft before publishing out to the members. The details of recent blog posts can be published to a Blog Feed widget, embedded in another CMS page (or the home page).

You can have as many separate blogs as you like and, as they live within CMS Spaces, they are governed by the permissions defined for that Space. That way you can tightly control the visibility of blogs. Also, as with normal CMS pages, blog posts can optionally have comment threads to allow discussion around the content.

The full content of all blogs is included in the site-wide search feature which makes it very easy to find elusive blog posts!

"... and what about discussion forums?"

myClubhouse has a fully-featured discussion forums feature. Each instance of the discussion forums feature can feature a hierarchy of forums and sub-forums, with each of these hosting multiple discussion topics. This allows you to organise a large number of topics. By hosting separate forums in multiple Spaces, you can have forums targeted at different subsets of the membership; for example, you could have a committee-only set of discussion forums.

Administrators can post sticky topics (which remain anchored to the top of the forum). They can moderate posts, removing any that break the rules and can also lock down topics to prevent further contributions. The entitlements of the containing CMS Space control who is allowed to browse the forums and who is allowed to contribute.

Each post can contain a mix of text, images and file attachments.

The full content of the forums are included in the site-wide search feature. Members can add watches to particular forums, sub-forums or topics and will then be notified by email when there are new contributions. The system automatically tracks how far along each discussion topic each member has read, so it easy to carry on from where you last left off.