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"Elphias" Release - June 2020


"Elphias" Release - June 2020

01 June 2020 / Matthew Shovelton / myClubhouse, Release Notes

The next major version upgrade of myClubhouse is now ready for release. The major new features and notable improvements are listed below.

  • Booking System: Yes, finally it is here! After several years on the to-do list, the booking system has made its appearance on the feature list! Due to the current Covid-19 situation, and the corresponding restraints placed on clubs wishing to re-open, we have fast-tracked the development of the booking system. This is the first version so is far from complete, feature-wise. However, there is a lot of flexibility around how the system can be configured, and it can be used for any kind of asset members need to book: tennis courts, bowling rinks, function rooms, coaches, etc. etc.
  • New User Profile Page: We have completely redesigned the user profile page. All fields are now editable in-place; just click the field and enter the value. You can also directly edit user attributes from this page (rather than having to edit the forms containing them). For admins, the page is a one-stop-shop for all user-related information.
  • Forum Improvements: There have been a number of improvements to the discussion forums. Admins can now move topics between forums and prevent topics from being created at the wrong level. Sub-forums can be explicitly ordered and all forums and topics are editable. Live notifications are popped up for logged in users whenever somebody replies to one of their comments or makes a change to a page they are watching.
  • SagePay Support: We have integrated support for SagePay alongside our other payment options of Stripe, PayPal and GoCardless. SagePay allows you to utilise your existing credit/debit card merchant account which may give you access to better transaction rates, especially for debit cards.
  • Image File Manager: This is a brand new feature to allow you to manage the images used across your myClubhouse site. This includes images used on CMS pages, event pages, and in the header and footer. You can find where there are duplicate images and consolidate them, removing the duplicates. There is full analysis on which images are used where.
  • Forms Improvements: It is now a lot easier to delete and change forms. Individual options, questions and whole forms can now be easily deleted (with the appropriate level of warning due to consequential data loss!). You can also change option values and easily re-order options and questions. The "amend answers" tabular view has been extended to work with all types of form and there is a much improved range of filter options on this page. Similar improvements have been made to the tabular and chart analysis pages for all types of form.
  • New Horse Profile Page: For those of you with the Equestrian Add-on module, there is a new horse profile page which is structured in a similar way to the new user page. Full in-place editing of all fields and a one-stop-shop page for all information concerning a horse, including recent and upcoming ride details. The user page has a "My Horses" section which links directly to this page.
  • Member List Improvements: Member lists have been largely rewritten and made even more powerful. For example, you can now reason about add-ons attached to membership subscriptions; about horses entered for events, and the certifications they have; about resources assigned to subscriptions.
  • View Configuration Improvements: Saveable view configurations can now be set as the default view for those who share the view. This allows you to set the default column and filter configuration, for any tabular view on the system, for those members who do not already have their own default.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of these features or would like a demo.