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"Bartemius" Release - June 2019


"Bartemius" Release - June 2019

16 June 2019 / Matthew Shovelton / myClubhouse, Release Notes

We are just starting to roll out our latest major version upgrade to myClubhouse. And it's a big one! As well as the usual raft of small enhancements and bug fixes, there are a number of major new features, and these are detailed below.

  • Automated Re-billing: We now support membership categories which automatically re-bill at a defined regular interval. These categories are perpetual and are backed by a payment subscription placed on either Stripe (for credit or debit cards) or GoCardless (for direct debits). The interval can be specified in weeks, months or years. Payment subscriptions are automatically updated when you change your membership rates. No more chasing your members for renewal payments!
  • Automated Refunds: You can drive refunds from myClubhouse. The pending refunds page allows you to select one or more issued refunds and then send instructions to Stripe or PayPal to initiate the refund(s). This should make it much easier to handle situations where a large number of refunds have to be issued; for example, event cancellations.
  • Discussion Forums: We have added a fully-featured discussion forum feature. You can create forums and sub-forums and control who can create topics and reply to them. You can moderate topics to quickly remove posts that break house rules. The system supports pinned and locked topics and keeps track of how far you have read in each topic, displaying whether there are any new posts to read. Any number of sets of forums can be created; so you could have separate committee-only forums and members' forums. Note: this is part of the new Blogs & Forums add-on.
  • Blogs: Also added is a blogs and news feature. You can create as many blogs as you like and incorporate news feeds for these blogs in your CMS pages (if you have the CMS add-on). You can control who is allowed to create blogs. Blog posts can contain embedded images and attachments and there is a draft-and-publish workflow so that you can work on your posts over time. Members are able to engage in a comments thread at the bottom of each blog entry (if you allow it!). Note: this is part of the new Blogs & Forums add-on.
  • Much Improved CMS: CMS pages are now structured into responsive, stacked blocks of content. Each block can be divided horizontally into columns and columns can contain text, images or embedded, data-driven widgets. Currently widgets include: member list (show the photos and selected contact details of people in a member list, either as contact cards or as a table); event feed (show selected events in a feed similar to the one shown on the home page currently); news feed (show the newest entries in a blog); Twitter feed. Tables are now much more nicely displayed in the CMS. Note: this requires the CMS add-on.
  • Fully Configurable Home Page: The home page is now a fully configurable just like any CMS page. So, you have full control over its content and layout. The CMS add-on is not required to access this functionality.
  • Site-wide Search: The new search button in the toolbar is very powerful. It allows you to search the entire site including: members, events, blogs, forums, CMS content, myClubhouse menu items and features, etc. etc. The results are categorised by type and show a snippet of the matching content. Just click on the result to take you right to the matching content.
  • Improved Event Cost Structures: Cost options can now be grouped together into classes and these can be displayed in a grid on the event page. This allows events with large numbers of sign-up options and cost levels to display this information in a concise and logical way. Classes support multi-day options, so you can indicate which day the option starts and for how many days it lasts. Classes support adding custom fields which can then be included in the attendee export. Pricing structures can be templated and include default values (e.g. for costs). This makes it really quick and easy to construct a new event.
  • New Data Import Features: Membership subscriptions can now be separately imported. Those of you with the Horses module can now bulk import horse data as well. There are a number of general improvements to data import, including the ability to locally save field mappings so that they can be reused for subsequent imports.
  • Two, independent ability levels: You can have two independent ability levels. There are improvements to the auditing of ability levels so that you can record dates of achievement and view members' progression.
  • More control over look and feel: You can have lots more control over how the header looks - there are a number of layout options, you can have a background image (instead of a flat colour), and you have fine control over the size of the images and text. You can also set which fonts are used across the system (headers, body text, menu etc.). The system has a font browser that allows you to browse all of the fonts available on Google.
  • Reporting across all events: There is an attendee view page which shows attendees across all events and can be filtered, sorted etc.
  • Completely Rebuilt Table Filters and Columns: The filters for table views have been completely rebuilt and we have removed many of the annoyances and bugs that were identified with them. Filters are now only applied when you hit the apply button - no filtering when you don't want it! We have also added relative date filters (expressed in days relative to today) and non-null filters (i.e. show me just the records which have a value for a field). The first of these is very useful for defining saved views; for example, you could create a view in the member directory that shows everybody who has registered in the last 30 days. The column and filter selector have an improved look-and-feel and options are grouped by function, to make it easier to find the ones you are looking for. Finally, the browser back button now works exactly as expected when moving back through changes to column and filter configuration, step-by-step.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of these features or would like a demo.