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"Crookshanks" Release - October 2019


"Crookshanks" Release - October 2019

01 October 2019 / Matthew Shovelton / myClubhouse, Release Notes

This page details are next major release. As always, there are a couple of big new features as well as a number of bug fixes and small enhancements.

  • Fully Configurable Registration Wizards: This is the big new feature in this release. You can now completely configure the registration wizard to meet your exact requirements. Any fields in any order; fully-customisable captions and help text; single page or multi-page; custom, formatted blocks of text and notices; include any questions from any user forms. Make it as short or as long as you like. You can even have different registration wizards for different purposes and wizards that are only available to certain members (allowing multi-stage registration processes).
  • Membership Cards: PDF membership cards can now be generated based on a template document. Members can download their own membership cards once their subscription is active, or administrators can generate them in bulk. The content and layout of the cards is fully configurable; just send us a sample as a PDF or MS Word document and we will set it up for you. For those with the Equestrian add-on, registration cards can also be generated for horses.
  • Strong Card Authentication: myClubhouse now fully supports Strong Card Authentication (SCA) when using Stripe to process credit and debit card payments.
  • BACS Payments over GoCardless: myClubhouse now supports the triggering and automatic recording of single BACS payments done using GoCardless.
  • Improved Profile Page: The profile page has been improved by the addition of links that allow administrators to easily access a member's subscriptions, purchases, forms etc. Used in conjunction with the cross-site search facility, this makes it much easier to handle individual member issues.
  • Improvements to Repeat Billing: How repeat-billing membership subscriptions operate has been changed substantially in this release. The choice of whether to offer a repeat-billing option is now defined in the payment scheme, rather than locking down particular membership categories to being repeat-billed or not. This allows you to offer a single membership category with the option of repeat-billing or individual payments. There is also support for the use of partial rate calculations with repeat-billing. This means that the first period of membership can be charged at a reduced rate, followed by an ongoing, annually-charged full amount.
  • Custom Membership Number Templates: You can define a template for generating membership numbers in exactly the format you want. The template can include elements derived from the member data (e.g. name) as well as counters to ensure uniqueness.
  • Address Label Generation: Not everybody has an email address and, sometimes, you just need to resort to snail mail. From the Member Directory, you can now generate a PDF of address labels conforming to one of a selection of Avery label formats. Additional formats can be added on request.
  • Hierarchical Event Pricing Structures: Pricing structures for events can now be hierarchical. This means that you can offer a number of different classes of entry, each with a selection of different cost options (e.g. for different groups or people; early/late sign-up etc.). There is also Markdown support for class and price option descriptions allowing better formatting of the information.
  • Membership Category Improvements: As well as the repeat-billing related changes detailed above, you can now define membership categories with age restrictions but still open to those without a date of birth. This is especially useful for adult categories, allowing them to be filtered out for juniors but still available to those who don't wish to disclose their age.
  • Auto-generated Email Improvements: We have re-worked the auto-generated email page and made it very easy to enable or disable individual emails.
  • Discounts Improvements: Discounts can now be applied to the 'n' cheapest, and all-but-'n' matching purchases. So you can define discounts which apply to the 2 cheapest or everything except the most expensive matching item.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of these features or would like a demo.