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"Delacour" Release - February 2020


"Delacour" Release - February 2020

01 February 2020 / Matthew Shovelton / myClubhouse, Release Notes

We are just starting to roll out our latest major version upgrade to myClubhouse. The major new features and notable features are listed below.

  • Certifications: This is a brand new optional add-on. You can define certifications that can be applied for by your members. There is workflow around the certification process: members apply, supplying supporting documentation (through a custom form, which can contain uploaded documents). Administrators can then review requests and either approve, reject or request further information. When approved, a start date and expiry date can be assigned by the administrator. Certification status can be viewed on the event attendee pages. You can define member lists based on certification status. For those with the Equestrian add-on, you can also define certifications for horses; for example, Equine Flu Vaccinations.
  • Tokens with Monetary Value: Tokens can now be assigned a monetary value. When this has been done, members have the option to use any tokens they have to offset any purchases in their basket.
  • Watchers on CMS pages: Members can now set watches on any CMS page. They will then be notified by email whenever a change occurs to that page. This applies to Blogs and Forums as well. Watches will automatically be added when members contribute to a page (for example, by commenting or posting a reply). It is easy for members to remove watches that they don't need.
  • File Upload Questions: Forms can now contain questions that request or mandate the upload of a document. This feature was added to support the new Certification module. However, such questions can be added to any form or, indeed, the registration process.
  • Improvements to Registration: We have made a number of improvements to the custom registration process. For group (or family) memberships you can now specify that the applicant is automatically assigned into a slot of the requested membership. You can explicitly order the different slots and members can apply for linked subscriptions directly in the registration wizard. We have added a new registration element that allows you to request a particular code before members are allowed to complete registration. This allows you to control who has access to a public registration process.
  • Stripe Improvements: You can now better control how your transactions appear on your members' credit card statements. This reduces the potential for incorrect disputes.
  • New Filters: We have added some form question filters to several tabular data pages on the site. For example, you can now filter on event sign-up form answers on the attendees page. You can also filter on resource or subscription form fields in the Subscription Resources and Browse Subscriptions pages.
  • Custom Content: Custom content can be added to some pages on the site. Currently, this is limited to the Order Complete page and the My Subscriptions page. It allows you to give custom information or directions to the member.
  • Improvements to repeat billing display: We have done a lot of work to simplify and clarify how the status of repeat-billed subscriptions is communicated to members and administrators.
  • Un-cancelling of events: Administrators can now un-cancel events if they have been cancelled in error. Emails will automatically be sent to notify attendees of the change in status.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of these features or would like a demo.