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Forms and Questionnaires

Every club likes to collect a set of data that is unique to them. For this 'custom' data we can use Forms (aka Questionnaires). These can also be used to poll members on any topic. Clubs can create as many forms as they like and they can be used for various purposes. Here are a few examples ...

"We need to capture additional information from members when they register"

myClubhouse allows you to define a Registration Form. This form can contain whatever questions you like and is displayed as part of the registration process. Questions can be mandatory or optional and there is a wide variety of different types of question that you can use; for example, free text, select one option from a list, select a date etc. etc.

"... especially child protection and health information"

For this, we have a special form: the Parental Consent Form. This is also displayed during the registration process, however it is only shown where the registrant's age is below the adult age threshold (set in the club settings). This form is usually used to collect things like: details of medical conditions or allergies, doctor contact details, parent/guardian contact details, etc. etc. The system allows you to print these out, if you need to keep hard copies on site.

"We have some custom fields/attributes for each member"

Sometimes it's useful to extend the information that effectively describes each member. For example, you may want to store each member's LTA membership number or ranking. Or maybe their preferred playing position or, for cricket, their bowling style. This information can all be collected using forms. Particular questions can then be marked as 'attributes of the member'. This means that their answers to the questions will be displayed in the member directory and user profile, making it easy to access the data. When defining attribute questions, you can say whether the answers should be visible to all members that can view the member directory, or just administrators. Also, you can reference user attributes directly when defining member lists.

"Some questions are only relevant to some members"

You can make blocks of questions dependent on whether a previous question was answered yes or no. This means that the member is only shown the questions if he has answered yes to the identified prior question. This ensures that the member is not faced with hundreds of irrelevant questions. Mandatory dependent questions must only be filled in if they are relevant.

"... and some can only be set by administrators"

Each question can have one of the following visibilities:

  • Visible and editable by the member
  • Visible to the member but editable only by an administrator
  • Only visible and editable by administrators

This allows you to collect admin-only information about each member.

"We need to capture information when people sign-up to events"

Forms can also be used when members are signing up to events. You can connect one or more forms to an event, defining whether it is mandatory to fill them in. So for example, you may wish to collect child protection information for each event sign-up; this can be done with event forms. When a member signs up, they are presented with the form and must answer at least the mandatory questions. Members can save their answers as defaults so that they don't have to keep entering the same information for multiple similar event sign-ups.

"Is it possible to poll the membership about potential club plans?"

Forms can be used as questionnaires to poll the membership about any club issue you like. You can create forms and then email them out to the membership. The members log back into myClubhouse and fill them in. You can make the forms anonymous so that administrators cannot work out who gave which set of answers. There are analysis tools that allow you to create tables or charts depicting the answers.