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Profiles and the Member Directory

Our Member Directory is your one-stop-shop for all member contact and profile-related admin, with a big emphasis on privacy ...

"Our club secretary is fed up with being the club's directory service"

We know the feeling and this is often the case when all the club's member data is held by a single isolated administrator. With myClubhouse being a cloud-hosted system, the data is available to many administrators simultaneously; but we can do better than that. myClubhouse has a Member Directory which allows members to look up other members and contact them directly. By default, this facility is only available to users who have a paid up, active subscription; though you can further restrict this if you wish.

"... ok, but some members want to keep their contact details private"

Whilst administrators can see all members' contact details, the details that are visible to other members are controlled on an opt-in basis; we call this 'sharing' of contact details. By default, no contact details will be visible. Members can explicitly select which of their details will be visible. So, for example, they could make their email address visible or just their mobile phone number.

"... but if their email address isn't shared, how can members contact them directly?"

myClubhouse has a 'Message Me' facility which allows members to send an email to a single other member without knowing what their email address is. Naturally, the sender will have to reveal their own email address in the process though. This feature allows communication between members without members having to worry about being spammed.

"What else can we do with the Member Directory?"

For administrators, the Member Directory is the page to go to for any member-related activities. This includes:

  • Browse, filter, sort and search the complete list of all users who have ever registered
  • Export any subset of the member data to a CSV file
  • Control exactly which columns of data are displayed or exported; this includes custom data collected in forms; for example, the registration questionnaire
  • Save column, filter, sort and search configurations as named views for easy recall
  • Access member-specific pages for subscriptions, forms, payments, purchases etc.
  • Send username reminders and password reset links to members

"Can members manage their own data?"

Absolutely. As with most online systems, members manage their own profiles (and those of their children and family group members). Their profile includes:

  • Username and password
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Home, work and mobile phone numbers
  • Up to two email addresses
  • Date of birth
  • A photograph or avatar
  • Parent details (if parents also registered on the system)