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Taking Payments

If cash books and spreadsheets are the bane of your life, you've come to the right place ...

"I'm fed up with banking cash and cheques all the time"

Yes, I would be too! myClubhouse allows you to take card payments electronically through PayPal or Stripe, and direct debits through GoCardless. We don't charge any transaction fees on top of what the payment processors already charge. For PayPal, that is currently 3.4% + 20p; for Stripe, 1.4% + 20p; and for GoCardless, 1% (min. 20p, max. £2). myClubhouse doesn't put itself in the middle of the payment flow; instead you set up your own merchant account and the funds flow directly from your customers to your accounts. myClubhouse simply tells the payment processor when to make a payment.

"Ideally, I'd like our members to be automatically billed every month, so I don't have to do anything at all!"

myClubhouse supports automated re-billing on both Stripe and GoCardless. So, you can set up membership categories which automatically renew every week, month or year (or multiples of). What's more, it automatically takes care of changing the payment subscriptions when your membership rates change.

"... but we still need to offer manual payment methods"

Manual payment methods are still supported, so you can give your members the option. You can also charge a surcharge to make up for the additional hassle if you like. For manual payment methods, the system supports cash, cheque, BACS and Standing Orders. It allows you to supply your account details where relevant, and automatically notifies the purchaser of these details. As it stands, myClubhouse can't automatically track BACS payments, but it can tell you when to expect them; you will need to manually enter the details of these payments when you receive them.

"Subscriptions and event payments are managed as separate accounts"

You can set up as many payment methods as you like and each one can specify a particular member or the club as the payee. Payments are organised into separate accounts for each of the payees. This means that event organisers can take and track payments themselves rather than having to be reimbursed by the club.

"We offer payment in instalments for a 10% surcharge"

You can define any number of payment plans. These are ways in which a purchase can be split into multiple payments. Each payment has a separate due date and the members and treasurer can easily see what payments are due when. You can set up plans with any number of separate payments at any defined interval. You can also set up deposit and balance style payment plans. Finally, you can charge a surcharge for paying in instalments if you wish.

"We would like to offer loyalty points as reward for purchases"

myClubhouse has optional support for token-based payments and rewards. You can issue tokens in reward for any kind of purchase including membership subscriptions, event sign-ups and shop purchases. You can also sell batches of tokens in the shop. What's more, you don't even have to call them tokens; you can call them whatever you want: 'points', 'loyalty points' etc.

Members can see their token balances on their profile page or their token transactions page. The latter lists out all of the transactions that have affected their token balance.

Tokens can have expiry dates. So, whenever you offer tokens for purchase or reward, you can specify the number of days until the tokens expire (from the purchase/reward date). When spending tokens, the system will always try to use the shortest dated tokens first.

Optionally, you can assign a monetary value to tokens and members can then use them to offset any purchase in their basket.

"... and allow people to pay for things with them."

For event sign-ups and shop products you can define a price in tokens either instead of or as well as the monetary price for the item. For events, this applies to pricing structures as well; so, you could theoretically have event sign-up options that are only payable in tokens or money. By selling tokens in the shop, you can effectively use them as a kind of pre-pay feature.

"We allow members to make voluntary donations and collect Gift Aid on these"

When signing up for, or renewing, membership you can offer a range of optional or compulsory add-ons. You can make the cost of these add-ons fixed or flexible. So, you could offer a voluntary donation add-on with a suggested, but editable, donation amount. Or, you could offer a fixed, mandatory add-on to bundle in an affiliation fee (e.g. England Athletics). Members can add add-ons to their existing memberships at any time.

You can mark any product in myClubhouse as eligible for Gift Aid. This includes joining fees, membership subscriptions and add-ons, event sign-ups and add-ons, shop products etc. myClubhouse will also collect, record and track Gift Aid declarations by your members. All purchases track whether Gift Aid is applicable, ensuring that both the product and purchaser were eligible at the time. Reports can be generated containing all the information that needs to be sent to HMRC.