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Club Shop

Want to sell stuff online? Switch on our Club Shop module and make it happen ...

"So can we run our very own Amazon?"

Well, almost. You can sell pretty much anything through the club shop in myClubhouse ...

  • It supports a hierarchy of departments and full search and filtering capability, making it easy for members to find what they're looking for.
  • You can give each item a fully formatted description with as many images as you like.
  • You can set up separate payment methods for the shop so that received funds can be allocated to a separate account
  • You can allow members to pay with money or tokens; you can also sell batches of tokens.
  • You can sell deliverable (physical) items and non-deliverable (digital) items.

"What about clothing which comes in different sizes and colours?"

It is possible to have up to two dimensions of variation on a single product. So, for example, you could sell t-shirts in different colours and sizes; members simply select the desired colour and size when adding to their basket. The variations can be anything you want, not just colour and size. The system allows you to maintain stock levels for each variant and also to charge different amounts for each variant; so you could, for example, charge more for larger sizes.

"... and can we ask what name they want printed on the back?"

For each item in the shop, you can define a form that is presented to the member when purchasing. You can ask anything you like, including, for example, the name and number to go on the back of the shirt. This information is clearly reported to the shop administrator when they are fulfilling the order.

"Can we charge for shipping?"

Absolutely. You can offer a choice of shipping options and can include zero-cost options such as 'collect from the club'. When defining the shipping cost, you can set the price for the first item and then the price for subsequent items. You can also set a total cost threshold above which the shipping is free; for example, free shipping if you spend over £50.

"... and how can we manage stock levels and dispatches?"

For each item in the shop, you have the option of whether you want to maintain stock levels in the system. If you choose to do so, you can enter and adjust stock levels for each product and variant. When somebody purchases an item, if there is available stock, then this is allocated to the order and the stock level is adjusted down. You can see at a glance the orders that are waiting for stock to be allocated and members get to see a live display of the available stock levels. The stock is only allocated to the order once the member pays. The 'Manage Shop' page shows you all the orders that are awaiting dispatch and allows you to mark when some or all of the goods have been sent; myClubhouse automatically emails the purchaser to let them know that the goods are on their way.

"What if an external vendor holds the stock and handles the orders?"

The myClubhouse shop supports multiple vendors. These could be used to set up different payment methods and accounts for different sections of the shop. Or, it can be used to allow external vendors to sell directly through your myClubhouse shop. This could be useful where you offer logo clothing that is supplied by an external kit manufacturer. You can set it up so that order emails are automatically sent directly to the supplier and they can set up their own PayPal or Stripe accounts to take payment directly.