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The certifications add-on allows members to apply for certifications and administrators to evaluate and approve.

"We need to verify and track who has a particular qualification"

The certifications add-on allows you to define particular certifications or qualifications which can then be applied for by your members. There is a lightweight workflow around this, as follows:

  1. Member applies for certification, supplying supporting information and documentation
  2. Administrator is notified of the new application and reviews it
  3. Administrator can approve, reject or request further information from the applicant

The information to be supplied is defined using a form. As well as normal form questions, it can also ask for document uploads. Once submitted, the applicant is unable to change their application except if requested for further information. When approving, the administrator can set the start date and expiry date of the certification, if relevant.

Member lists can be defined against the presence of absence of certifications. So, it is easy to get a list of members who do or don't have a valid certification of a particular type. Certification information is also available for display in the event attendees page and validity is cross-referenced against the date of the event.

If you have the Equestrian add-on, then certifications can also be applied to horses. The perfect solution for tracking Equine Flu Vaccinations!